Two Horse Race in Maine 2012

New England Recruiting Report | Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Two Horse Race in Maine 2012

Some things are perfectly clear in Maine’s junior class.
Chris Braley is the top returning player in the state high school association, without question. 

Lee Academy’s Rodell Wigginton, a transfer from Boston Trinity, is the top prep school player in the state.

As a tandem, Braley and Wigginton are head and shoulders above anyone else in the state, prep or public.  But which of the two belongs as the top ranked player in the state is a matter of perspective. 

If you are picking the most effective player at this very moment then Braley is the pick in our book. 

If you are picking the player with the higher physical upside then you have to go with Wigginton. 

If you are taking into consideration both factors then you might as well flip a coin. 

Truth be told, both players offer immediate production and future potential.  While a sprained ankle left Braley at less than 100% this summer, those who have done their homework already know he can flat out shoot the rock, knows how to play, and rebounds like a man inside the paint.  As for his long-term upside, he has some noticeable similarities to another six-foot-three shooter from Maine…and that “kid” ended up at Gonzaga. 

Wigginton on the other hand has all the physical gifts that are a requisite at the highest levels, and while his skill set doesn’t yet match Braley’s, he makes the type of plays above the rim and through contact that no one else in the state can match. 

Ultimately this one could be argued for ages (and probably will on blog sites throughout the state), but we are going to begin the year with Braley behind Wigginton, while continuing to keep close tabs on the race throughout the fall. 

The third ranked player is an easy pick, at least for now.  Will Defanti had a strong summer and solidified his spot as the state’s second best home grown talent in the class.  The only problem is that Defanti is reportedly leaving Maine’s borders and relocating with his family to a town in Connecticut.  For now, he will stay ranked in Maine until we get final confirmation of the destination. 

Rounding out the top five are Berwick Academy’s Harry Rafferty, a sharp-shooting guard who started to make a name for himself on this year’s AAU circuit, and Deering’s John Amabile, one of the top returning scoring guards in the state association.