Prep Profiles – Marianapolis Prep | Friday, October 19th, 2007

Prep Profiles – Marianapolis Prep

Marianapolis Prep will be in the midst of the championship hunt this season as Head Coach Dave Vitale’s squad has a lethal combination of backcourt talent and frontcourt depth. 

Corey Wright Jr. will have the ball, as the transfer from St. Raphael’s Academy is already penciled in at the starting point guard spot.  He will be surrounded 6’6” post-graduate Mike Myers-Keitt on the wing as well as 6’0” post-graduate Nikoal Vukadinovic, who is a pure shooter with NBA type range.  Coming off the bench will be 6’5” junior swingman Toso Adebamowo, 6’4” post-graduate shooting guard Tom Henneberry, and 6’0” junior guard Estefano Gonzalez.  Adebamowo is a scholarship level talent who shows consistent three-point range, good athleticism, and an ability to get to the rim off the dribble.  Henneberry is three-point specialist who does an outstanding job of getting himself free for open looks. 

Wright and Myers-Keitt are two players who both appear poised for break-out seasons.  Wright has traditionally played on teams that have depended on him to create the majority of their total offensive production.  Now he appears to be thriving in a role where he can first run the team, and then look to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates if and when the offense breaks down.  If that weren’t enough he is coming into the season with a large amount of confidence after a terrific summer on the camp and AAU circuit.

Myers-Keitt is completely healthy for the first time in almost two years.  He has only recently stopped feeling the effects of a terrible fall he suffered in June of 2006.  Meanwhile he has also begun to add muscle to his long physique, make his perimeter jumper more consistent, and learn to dominate a game at the defensive end of the floor. 

While the backcourt is full of talent, the frontcourt is full of depth.  6’7” post-graduate Aaron Strothers, 6’5” junior Ryan Lehane, 6’8” post-graduate Eric Callo, and 6’7” senior Reuben Cabrea all bring something a little different to the interior spots.  Strothers is an exceptional athlete who will be able to beat opposing big men down the floor as well as face up and go by them from the perimeter.  Callo also runs the floor very well, but he is more of a role player who is content to move the ball and crash the glass.  However, if left open he is more then capable of knocking down shots from the short corner or high post.  Cabrea is the most physical presence in the paint.  Not only can he rebound and finish in the paint, but he can also make the open three-pointer.  Finally Lehane may be the youngest of the group, but he offers veteran leadership because he understands the Marianapolis system having played in it for the last two years. 

With most teams in the region are lacking any type of depth up front the fact that Marianapolis has four legitimate college prospects to rotate between those two positions poses a huge advantage.  Additionally, that is a total of 20 fouls to use when they lock up against Class B rival Tilton and Alex Oriakhi

When you combine their super talented backcourt with their extremely deep and versatile front court, it is easy to see why Marianapolis will be one of the teams to beat this year in Class B.