NPSI Results & Leading Scorers

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, January 30th, 2017

NPSI Results & Leading Scorers

The National Prep School Invitational wrapped up at Rhode Island College on Sunday after four full days of basketball featuring prep school programs not just from New England and other parts of the United States, but also Canada and Europe as well. 

Here's a look back at the results and top scorers:


Believe Prep (SC) 111 Score Academy (FL) 78
Daquan Simmons, Believe Prep, 21 points
Brian Alvey, Score Academy, 36 points

NTSI (PA) 76 Master's (CT) 65
Jalen Jordan, NTSI, 15 points
Nadir Dixon-Thompson, Master's, 12 points

Notre Dame Prep (MA) 58 Mt. Zion Prep (MD) 44
D.J. Jones, Notre Dame Prep, 23 points
Darl Bones, Mt. Zion, 12 points

CBD Montverde (FL) 59 Helsinki Basketball Academy (Finland) 51
Joshua Greer, CBD Montverde, 19 points
Edon Maxhuni & Hannes Polla, Helsinki, 12 points

Commonwealth Academy (MA) 66 IMG Academy (FL) 57
Hasahn French, Commonwealth, 20 points
Maddox Daniels, IMG, 11 points

Coastal Prep (NJ) 63 MacDuffie School (MA) 52
Jonas Parker, Coastal, 28 points
Dana Tate, MacDuffie, 20 points

GB Academy (Czech Reb.) 71 TRC Academy (Canada) 66
Illya Tyrtyshnyk, GB Academy, 17 points
Steven Levnaic, TRC, 22 points

Sunrise Christian (KS) 84 Our Savior Lutheran (NY) 53
Bryan Trimble, Sunrise, 12 points
Malik Moving, Our Savior, 19 points


NTSI (PA) 77 St. John's NW Military (WI) 70
Charles Bain, St. John's, 21 points
Rasheed Browne, NTSI, 26 points

Believe Prep (SC) 53 IMG Academy (FL) 51
Tahmir Gadsden, Believe, 17 points
Nicholas Kratholm, IMG, 12 points

GB Academy (Czech Rep.) 67 Coastal Prep (NJ) 61
Marek Welsch, GB Academy, 14 points
Jonas Parker, Coastal, 21 points

St. Thomas More (CT) 65 Athlete's Institute (Canada) 50
E.J. Anosike, St. Thomas More, 22 points
Howard Washington, Athlete's Institute, 13 points

CBD Montverde (FL) 69 Putnam Science (CT) 68
Joshua Greer, CBD, 26 points
Eric Ayala, Putnam Science, 20 points

Sunrise Christian (KS) 76 Notre Dame Prep (MA) 62
Derrick Walker & Bryan Trimble, Sunrise, 12 points
Daniel Kiely, Notre Dame Prep, 16 points

New Hampton (NH) 76 Orangeville Prep (Canada) 74
Kimani Lawrence, New Hampton, 24 points
Ignas Brazdeikis, Orangeville, 27 points

Mt. Zion Prep (MD) 77 Helsinki Basketball Academy (Finland) 68
Isaiah Whaley, Mt. Zion, 24 points
Edon Maxhuni, Helsinki, 16 points

TRC Academy (Canada) 73 Score Academy (FL) 65
Steven Levnaic, TRC, 26 points
Brian Alvey, Score, 14 points


St. Thomas More (CT) 97 St. John's NW Military (WI) 55
Tyrei Randall & Nick Macarchuk, St. Thomas More, 14 points
Kevin Major, St. John's, 20 points

CBD Montverde (FL) 68 Athlete's Institute (Canada) 62
Howard Washington, Athlete's Institute, 13 points
Matija Radovic, CBD, 23 points

Putnam Science Academy (CT) 85 Orangeville Prep (CAN) 75
Eric Ayala, Putnam, 22 points
Ignas Brazdeikis, Orangeville, 27 points

Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) 81 St. Andrew's (RI) 73
Paul Newman, St. Andrew's, 21 points
Andrew Platek, NMH, 17 points

Cushing Academy (MA) 66 GB Academy (Czech Republic) 53
Wabissa Bede, Cushing, 25 points
Illya Tyrtyshnyk, GB, 16 points

Vermont Academy (VT) 86 Cheshire Academy (CT) 77
Marcus Santos Silva, Vermont Academy, 26 points
Jeff Allen, Cheshire, 17 points

New Hampton (NH) 78 South Kent (CT) 75
Kimani Lawrence, New Hampton, 31 points
Alex Vilarino, South Kent, 20 points

Notre Dame Prep (MA) 60 Lee Academy (ME) 51
D.J. Jones, Notre Dame, 23 points
Arnolds Krauklis, Lee, 13 points

Redemption Christian (MA) 82 Bridgton Academy (ME) 71
Chris Duarte, Redemption, 32 points
Bobby Planutis, Bridgton, 16 points


Lee Academy (ME) 64 GB Academy (Czech Rep.) 45
Miks Antoms, Lee, 19 points
Karol Majchrzak, GB, 12 points

Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) 88 Helsinki Basketball Academy (Finland) 68
Kellan Grady, NMH, 20 points
Edon Maxhuni, Helsinski, 17 points

Redemption Christian (MA) 79 Tilton (NH) 73
Chris Duarte, Redemption, 38 points
Marcus Zegarowski, Tilton, 25 points

Brewster Academy (NH) 86 South Kent (CT) 54
Thomas Allen, Brewster, 21 points
Alex Vilarino, South Kent, 11 points

Cushing Academy (MA) 67 Rivers (MA) 42
Wabissa Bede, Cushing, 20 points
Azar Swain, Rivers, 15 points

Commonwealth Academy (MA) 94 Bridgton Academy (ME) 64
Jon Duvivier, Commonwealth, 31 points
Dimitri Ivey, Bridgton, 16 points

Vermont Academy (VT) 84 Worcester Academy (MA) 75
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