Northeast Hoops Festival – Saturday Recap I

New England Recruiting Report | Friday, April 9th, 2010

Northeast Hoops Festival – Saturday Recap I

The action was going strong on 13 different courts on Saturday.  Here’s a look at the players who managed to distinguish themselves: 

Ryan Kilcullen, Bay State Magic, 2010:  On his way to Exeter for a post-grad year, Kilcullen looked a year older the competition as he was able to use his size and strength to out-muscle people in the paint, finishing with a game high 16 points. 

Ryan Canty, Mass Rivals, 2011:  He had the dunk of the day in his team’s opener as Canty threw down an explosive tip dunk with a powerful reverse slam. 

Dennis Clifford, Bay State Magic, 2011:  The big fella has drastically improved since last summer and he proved it in Bay State’s opener.  He has established a consistent go-to move with a left handed jump hook and is also more physical, ducking in and finishing around basket. 

Jared Fay, Bay State Magic, Bay State Magic, 2011:  Normally a potent shot maker, Fay showed the versatility to score even when the three-pointers weren’t dropping as he scored in transition and with 2 or 3 dribbles in the half-court. 

Jordan Laguerre, Mass Rivals, 2011: He gave Jabari Hinds (Mount Vernon, NY) fits on the defensive end, beating him to the spot and causing him all sorts of problems.  Offensively he got to the rim and made all kinds of finishes while also creating space with his step-back in the mid-range area. 

Trey Jones, Metro Boston, 2011: Malone had it going in the first half with four threes.  He was equally good with his dribble as he just toyed with defenders who were incapable of keeping him outside of the paint. 

Gerald McClease, CT Hoopstars, 2011:  The Hoopstars took their pool with two early victories including 22 points in a come from behind win over MBR.  McClease was the offensive force in both games showing a well versed all around game. 

Ethan ODay, Drive4Stardum, 2011: With nothing going from the perimeter, O’Day became the focus of the team offensively and didn’t disappoint as he showed an improved skill set and the ability to finish with both hands. 

Keegan Pieri, MBR, 2011: He led three MBR players in double figures as he scored 16 in the opener, showing a very intriguing skill set for a player of his size, making shots off the catch and the dribble. 

Zaid Hearst, Mid-Atlantic Select, 2011: Hearst arrived at halftime after taking the ACT test this morning and made an immediate impact as a big point guard with a powerful body who controls the flow of the game. 

Rony Fernandez, Metro Boston, 2012:  He set the tone in Metro’s opening win of the day with four first half three-pointers and was equally impressive down the stretch as a 1 or 2 dribble pull-up player. 

Theo Oribhabor, Metro Boston, 2012: He emerged as a new name on the scene on Saturday morning as the Latin Academy sophomore was relentless attacking the basket all game long. 

C.J. Ward, Metro Boston, 2012: Sophomore from Plymouth State was instant offense off the bench as he made shots from long range and got to the rim equally well. 

Earl Coleman, CT Elite, 2013: A powerful guard who puts smller defenders in jail on the way to the rim and knows how to convert around the rim. 

Danny Upchurch, CT Elite, 2013: A freshman point guard who has the look and feel of a veteran as he plays with great poise and composure running the team.