New England 2018 Rankings Announced

New England Recruiting Report | Thursday, February 9th, 2017

New England 2018 Rankings Announced

A day after announcing updated state rankings across the region's junior class, today we release our composite 2018 New England rankings.

Simi Shittu, a top ten national prospect, takes over the top spot in the class while the previous #1, Cormac Ryan, remains ahead of the rest of the field in the second spot. The reality though is that there are a handful of players in the class who have all established themselves as clear-cut high-majors but have yet to truly separate themselves from each other. That group includes Ryan, A.J. Reeves, Eric Ayala, Cole Swider, Sidney Wilson, and Nate Laszewski.

David Duke has thurst his name into the midst of that gruop now as well with offers from Florida and Kansas in the last week alone. While he's undeniably been the classest biggest stock-riser in recent months Marcus Zegarowski is another guard who should  be poised to see more offers start to flow in. Zegarowski's productivity has been as good as anyone's for the better part of the last two seasons, and it's only a matter of time before he starts adding to his list of offers at a rapid rate.

Lukas Kisunas rounds out the top ten while Dana Tate, and Filip Petrusev, provide a pair of frontcourt prospects who could be capable of challenging for a spot in the top ten before it is all said and done.

In total, these updated New England rankings feature 50 prospects. The parity among the top of the class though is symbolic of the entire list though. In short, there will be players not yet ranked who will emerge in the coming months and others who will fall off because of complacency or other reasons.

For now though, here are the top 50 prospects in New England's class of 2018.