NERR-TV Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Available Wings & Forwards

Thursday, December 31st, 2020

NERR-TV Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Available Wings & Forwards

The success of the NERR-TV Unsigned Senior Virtual Showcase is undeniable. 

All 50 prospects in the class of 2020 that participated last spring went on to see recruitment from new schools, with more than 25 generating interest from scholarship level schools. 

In 2021, we’re profiled 46 players so far, 20 of whom are already off the board after early-decision admission, which is a huge accomplishment in a recruiting cycle like we’ve seen this year. In fact, over 40% of all D3 commitments in the New England region have come from players who participated in the virtual showcase, with the entire group committing to high academic schools. 

Nonetheless, there remains a significant amount of talent left on the board in the 2021 class.

Yesterday, we broke down the best available unsigned guards. Today comes the top wings and frontcourt prospects. 

Top Prospects

Phil Brown, Kent School (CT) – Brown hasn’t had a chance to make a name for himself in New England just yet, but he was well-known in his home state of New Jersey after starring for Hudson Catholic, one of the state’s top programs. There was a wide-variety of D1 suitors scheduled to follow his progress this year, and hopefully they’ll still get the chance. Brown is a big wing with size and strength who can play, and defend, multiple positions, knock down open shots, and score in different ways.  

Omari Salvi, Avon Old Farms (CT) – When Salvi first registered for the NERR-TV showcase, he was an under-the-radar athlete from the DMV set to arrive in New England for a post-grad year. When the Be Seen Tour went to Avon Old Farms last month though, we found one of the biggest sleepers in the prep ranks. Salvi is a high-level athlete who is long and fluid with a wiry build. His skills are a work in progress, but better than advertised, and the total upside is undeniable. 

Dylan Ahearn, St. Andrew’s (RI) – Ahearn may be the single most improved player in New England. He’s always been skilled, smart, and known how to play, but the gains he’s made with his body in the last year are off the charts. He’s not only a step quicker now but he’s cut-up his frame, getting up to hammer hard dunks, and playing at a pace that is totally unprecedented in his game. In short, he’s proven himself to be not only a very good high school player, but a scholarship prospect as well. 

College Ready

Nick Benton, Millbrook School (NY) – Benton is another highly motivated player with a tremendous work-ethic. He’s built-up his body and established himself as a true mismatch problem who can score inside and out. He’s been equally well-developed in terms of his understanding of how to play. That combination – college ready body, versatility, and well-coached – is extremely rare and makes him poised to have a much easier transition to the next level than most. 

Zach Feller, Suffield Academy (CT) – Mature may be the best word to describe Feller. It’s applicable to his floor game, habits, overall approach, and even his skill-set. He’s also a high-level shooter with good bounce at the rim who can play multiple positions and is credited for being an instantaneous leader for the Suffield program. Those attributes are all translatable to the next level and will provide him immediate value at his next destination. 

Charlie Weisberg, Millbrook School (NY) – Weisberg is a similar story. From a coach’s perspective he’s as reliable a player as there is on this list. He’s been well-coached, shoots it at a high-level from behind the three-point line, has a college ready body, and really knows how to play. In fact, his floor game really isn’t going to have to change at all upon reaching the next level as it has already been tailor made for college basketball. 

Late Bloomers

Kualim Johnson, Marianapolis Prep (CT) – There’s no telling when a player might make a significant jump, but Johnson could be one of those guys who ends up being a totally different player after a few years of college than he was during his high school years. He has a ton of markers for future growth and has already demonstrating a rapid progression over the course of the last year. If that continues, he could end up being a major sleeper long-term. 

Aedan Derrick, Southington HS (CT) – Similar to Johnson, Derrick has a variety of indicators of future growth. He’s a young senior with the full gamut of the right physical tools. He plays hard, is fully engaged on both ends of the floor, and has only recently made a full-time commitment to basketball. It’s possible he could be just scratching the surface of his potential. 

Tom Vassil, Springfield Comonwealth (MA) – Vassil is a true big man standing just under 7-feet tall. He started playing the game late and made “amazing progress” last year as a senior at Whitman-Hanson according to his head coach. He too, is young for his grade, and so it is far too early to be able to forecast his future. He has massive size, good touch, footwork, and even a passing instinct. 

Michael Acquaah-Harrison, Trinity-Pawling (NY) – After teaming with Johnson last year at Marianapolis, Acquaah-Harrison is now a post-grad at TP. Both his body and his game have gone to new levels in the last year. He’s always been long with good perimeter size, but has added some newfound athleticism as well. He has defensive tools and can also make shots out to the arc. 

Most Versatile

Jake Harrison, Boston Latin School (MA) – Harrison is one of the most versatile offensive match-ups on this list. He scores it from multiple spots on the floor and in various ways. He’s also got an innate feel for the game that differentiates him as he makes quick reaction type plays that few others could pull off. He’s come on strong in the last year and should still have his best basketball in front of him. 

Kris Laing, Bridgeport Prep – Laing is one of the most versatile players on this list. He’s a long lefty with a very good build. A year ago, that made him an intriguing long-term prospect. But he’s now starting to turn potential into production more consistently and because of that, he is a player who should be poised to play, and ultimately defend, multiple positions. 

Terence Crowley, Cheshire Academy (CT) – Some wings are shooters and some are athletes. Very few are both. Crowley, however, is just that. He shoots it very-well from behind the three-point line and even has a high release to get it off without much separation, but can simultaneously provide value as an above the rim finisher who gets off the floor quickly and with ease.