Miller Heading to New Hampton

New England Recruiting Report | Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Miller Heading to New Hampton

It was little more than two weeks ago when the NERR reported that Jeremy Miller would no longer be transferring to Northfield Mount Hermon as originally planned. 

Miller's acceptance to the school was rescinded after he failed to maintain the minimum required GPA during the second half of his freshman season. 

To his credit, Miller turned a negative into a positive, showing tremendous character by admitting his mistake on his Facebook page in hopes of allowing other youngsters in his position to learn from him. 

Now, Miller has decided to attend the New Hampton School next year, where he will team with Noah Vonleh and Jared Terrell to form an incredibly talented young core. 

The six-foot-nine big man will also benefit from playing behind Zach Auguste this year, a similar long and athletic big man with a sound skill set. 

Miller projects as one of the top prospects in New England's class of 2015.