Local Players Included in National Rankings

NewEnglandRecruitingReport.com | Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Local Players Included in National Rankings

Scouts Inc., a subsidiary of ESPN.com, and Scout.com both released new national rankings within the last ten days.  While other such networks including Rivals.com and Hoop Scoop Online have yet to publish their post-season lists, we thought today was a good chance to see where the national experts have our local stars.

2009 Rankings – Top 100

Scouts Inc. (4/08)

Scout.com (4/08)

Rivals.com (11/07)

HoopScoop (11/07)

#17 Alex Oriakhi

#34 Alex Oriakhi

#34 Erik Murphy

#21 Alex Oriakhi

#31 Erik Murphy

#42 Erik Murphy

#50 Alex Oriakhi

#32 Erik Murphy

#57 Jin Soo Kim

#76 MauriceCreek

#63 MauriceCreek

#38 MauriceCreek

#69 Jamal Coombs

#79 Jamal Coombs

#79 Tevin Baskin

#42 Jin Soo Kim

#83 Mike Marra


#100 Jin Soo Kim

#66 Jamal Coombs

#84 Tevin Baskin




#97 Austin Carroll






2010 Rankings

Scouts Inc (4/08)

Scout.com (4/08)

Rivals.com (11/07)

Hoop Scoop (11/07)

#11 Dion Waiters



#7 Dion Waiters

#17 Jason Morris



#22 Phil Pressey

#28 Phil Pressey



#33 Jason Morris

#34 Nate Lubick



#51 Nate Lubick

*Scouts Inc. released a Super 60 list
**Scout.com and Rivals.com released only a top 10 list


While it may not be fair to compare Scouts Inc. and Scout.com with Rivals.com and Hoop Scoop since the latter two have not yet released their post-season rankings, we still have plenty of information to take in. 

First, all four groups list Alex Oriakhi and Erik Murphy as the region’s top two players as well as in the nation’s top 50.  Meanwhile, Jamal Coombs, Jin Soo Kim, and Maurice Creek made the top 100 in three of the four lists, while Tevin Baskin cracked two lists, and Mike Marra and Austin Carroll made one. 

While the data is not nearly as complete in the class of 2010, it is interesting to note the Scouts Inc and Hoop Scoop are in agreement as to who the top four players in New England are, although not necessarily in what order. 

But perhaps what is best illustrated by this information has been what we have been saying since day one…ranking players is a very inexact science which essentially comes down to what one person (or maybe a small group of people) think.  It should always be taken with a grain of salt and seen for what it is…entertainment of [hopefully] educated opinion instead of indisputable fact.