Junior Elite camp - Day 1 Recap

NERR Junior Elite Division | Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Junior Elite camp - Day 1 Recap

The third annual Hoop Mountain Junior Elite Camp kicked off this weekend with the action getting underway at a rapid rate by mid-day Saturday. 

The competition was particularly tight in the NBA East as the rising freshmen battled it out for supremacy while the incoming eighth graders were impressive in their own right in the NBA West.  Here's a look at the standout performers:

NBA East
Randy Glenn - Glenn is super quick guard that loves to shake his defender. Anytime there is an opening in the lane, Glenn uses his explosiveness to cut through and either finish or find an open teammate. He also has a pretty chiseled frame for a player of his age. Glenn also can get hot from outside, but his jump shot is a bit streaky.
Hilal Daleh - In his first game of the day, Daleh hit a buzzer beater to put his team over the top. He is a big, lefty point guard with a nice mid-range game. What makes him unique is his poise. Daleh was never rattled when bringing up the ball or when he slashes through the lane.
Tomas Murphy - Murphy is one of the only true post players in the camp. Whenever he catches the ball within five feet of the hoop, it is almost automatically in. His soft touch is rare for a player of his age. Despite having a rail thin frame and an awkwardness in his body movements, Murphy finds a way to get it done in the post. He also is great at rolling to the hoop after setting picks.
Armani Alleyne - Typically in a camp format, players look to score every time they touch the ball. Alleyne on the other hand passes the ball too much. He has a knack for finding the open man and getting him the ball effectively. He is also deceptively quick, as his crossover frustrates his defenders often.
Zach Jones - Jones is a long and lanky wing that possesses great body control. He knows how to slice through the lane and even finish with contact.
Corey Romich - In terms of shot preparation, Romich’s was arguably the best in camp. As the day went on, he started missing shots, but it was obvious early on in the day that he was one of the only pure shooters in camp.
Kerry Raymond - Built like a football player, Raymond used his big frame to muscle opponents in the post. He is not particularly skilled yet, but Raymond’s energy and effort were impressive.
DeAndre Leslie- When looking at Leslie, one thing comes to mind: length. He might not be in the best shape right now, but when he sets his mind to it, Leslie can be a lock down defender. He is already pretty tall (6’3”) and is bound to expand his game to the perimeter in the future. He certainly has the tools to do so.
Daquon Ervin and Brandon Williams- What was impressive about Ervin and Williams was their ability to perform in the clutch. Williams knocked down four free throws to help his team win and Ervin came up with many steals in which he converted for uncontested layups. 

NBA West
Will Johnson - Johnson is a great all-around player. Similar to Daleh, he too hit a buzzer beater in his first game of the day. What really stood out about Johnson is his nose for the ball. He never stops hustling. This is something that all campers should take note of, as Johnson, regardless of age, may have the best motor in the camp. He proved that at the rebounding station as well. Also, Johnson’s outside shot was falling all day long.
Samuel Chaput - Chaput is an amusing player to watch. He is a great team player as he loves to get his teammates involved with his dribble-drive mentality. He also has a silky smooth pull-up jump shot.
Shyheim Ulrickson - Ulrickson has a great feel for the game. He does not force the issue and can get by most defenders with his wits.
Jake Gothelf - For Jimmer Fredette fans, Gothelf may not be a volume outside shooter, but his crossover is eerily similar to Fredette’s.
Trevor Parker - A big-bodied post player who many cannot move when he is around the hoop, Parker makes a living going to the line. When he learns to hesitate less in the post, he will put up bigger numbers.
Geo Baker and Tauheed Harris - Baker and Harris are two flashy and lanky guards. They are both at their best in isolation plays.