Joseph, Thompson, & Tongue lead Mass 2021

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Bensley Joseph 2021

Cushing Academy point guard Bensley Joseph remains the top ranked prospect in Massachusett's class of 2021.

He's a more than capable scorer but his ability to put points on the board isn't what makes him special. Call it what you want, but he's an "alpha" on the floor with an "it" factor about him. Essentially, he's a leader, loaded with intangibles, and a big presence. He changes the game as much, if not more, defensively than he does offensively and his overall approach allows him to raise the level of those around him on both ends of the floor. 

Brimmer & May's Gianni Thompson has continued to emerge and improve with each step in the process. At 6-foot-7 with an athletic frame and evolving skill set, he not only has weapons that translate to the next level but is often able to impose his will in the here and now. 

Rivers' Camaron Tongue may be the most efficient player on this list and is undoubtedly the best rebounder. Both his hands and his touch are extremely soft, he has a mature approach to the game, budding offensive versatility, and a special skill in the way he goes to get the ball off the glass. He's also the only player on this list already committed following his pledge to Santa Clara this fall. 

Milton Academy's Casey Simmons may have the highest upside of any prospect in the class. There's simply no teaching a prospect how to move, run, and cover the court like he does. As his frame continues to fill out and his skill-set come along, he remains a prospect who could climb back up this list. 

Cushing Academy's Alexis Reyes rounds out the top five as a big wing with good positional size and a budding weapon in his ability to shoot the basketball. 

NMH's Jack Molloy appears to be playing his best basketball of the year and is up to number 6 because of it. It's a similar story for Aaron Cooley, now at 7, who is playing at an unprecedented level right now. Brooks' shot-maker George Smith is in at 8 while Brimmer & May's Kyrell Luc, arguably the most improved player in the class, cracks the top 10 for the first time. NMH's Gus Larson remains a long-term stock whose potential exceeds his production, but when you're talking about a 6-foot-10 forward with touch who continues to grow, the upside is pretty apparent. 

Brooks' Tyler Whitney-Sidney, Deerfield's Bennett Pitcher, Winchendon's Mason Romano, Catholic Memorial's Kurtis Henderson, Acton-Boxborough's Shea Doherty, Springfield Commonwealth's Emmanuel Ferreras, and Worcester Academy's Jhamyl Fricas were all easy selections for the top 20 based on their recent performances and current recruitments. 

The top 20 is rounded out by NMH's Jake Tavroff, Lynn English's Ademide Badmus, and Dexter's Cameron Schainfeld

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