Hoop Mountain Team Camp - Saturday Recap

Lucas Shapiro | Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Hoop Mountain Team Camp - Saturday Recap

The first ever Hoop Mountain Team Camp kicked off on Saturday afternoon at Stonehill College and the action was packed with highlight reel plays and impressive performances. 

Chris Sherwood and Marco Banegas, Brimmer and May – This duo is going to be a force for Brimmer and May this upcoming season. Sherwood’s athleticism was unmatched in the gym. He drove to the basket and knocked down shots with no hesitation. As for Banegas, Brimmer and May may have gotten a steal.  Benegas has a rare ability to score in the half-court offense and in transition equally well. He also is a great floor general, something rare in today’s game.

Carlin Haymon, Rivers – Speaking of floor generals, Haymon put his talent on full display. He was not afraid to take over the game and punish opponents with his speed. On several plays, Haymon drove to the basket and had an acrobatic finish. For a guy who is repeating his freshmen year, Haymon could be force to reckon with down the road.

Shaquor Sandiford, Rivers – One of the reasons why Rivers went 4-0 on the day was due to Sandiford’s leadership and poise on the court. He finishes nearly every time in transition. His ball handling and playmaking was also impressive today.

Taariq Allen, Rivers - Allen had many plays above the rim. Hopefully, his recent commitment to University of Connecticut for football does not make him lose interest in basketball. He still has a great deal of potential.

Maurice Taylor, Cambridge Rindge and Latin – If there were one word to describe Taylor, it would be active. At one point, he would be on the floor diving for loose balls and at another he would be handling against full court pressure.

Oliver Nazon, Brimmer and May - One thing that Nazon does to near perfection is taking the same shot each time. His form is beautiful, which is one of the reasons why he knocked down many open looks.