Hoop Mountain SWI - Day 3 PM Recap

by Brent Pelella | Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Hoop Mountain SWI - Day 3 PM Recap

As the last full day of Super Week 1 came to an end, we started to see the effect that three action packed days had on the campers. Despite a surplus of tired legs, players continued to emerge in the final evening before the All- Star game. Some of those who impressed and surprised were:

Malin Segal, 2014 (Concord Academy) – An above average defender who can stop the ball and play off in a help position. He also has the ability to get to the rim off the dribble. Improving his perimeter game will give him another tool in his game.

Zach Radz, 2015 (Troy High School) – A quick point guard, who can create off transition and pull up from 15 feet. He also causes havoc on the defensive end with his anticipation and intensity. His floor vision is another one of his assets.

Keyshaun Jacobs, 2016 (Beaver Country Day School) – The young point guard has a lot of talent and can spread the floor with his quickness. His mid range game has to be respected, which allows him more room to operate. As he grows in both height and experience he will be a fun player to watch.

Maurice Taylor, 2013 (Beaver Country Day School) – As a swingman, Taylor provides length and athleticism on the defensive end. Offensively, he can attack the glass and has the ability to shoot from the perimeter.

Mitchell Granese, 2012 (Nashoba Regional High School) – He is a very deceptive ball handler with sneaky speed. On defense, Granese defends very well and is always in a good position.

Jair Johnson, 2015 (Cypress Lanes) – In terms of athletes, Johnson is one of the best in camp. He has length and quickness, which allows him to create, plays in transition. With improvements in decision-making and outside shooting, he can become a very dangerous player.

Zac Campbell, 2013 (Amity High School) – Does a great job of getting open for mid range jump shots. This can be credited to his outstanding court sense. He also has a good jump shot to go along with his intelligence.

Bonzie Colson, 2014 (St. Andrew’s) – Colson proved himself against taller forwards today by finishing at the rim and using his body to get positioning. He also continues to run the floor and play with extreme intensity.

Breakout Players of the Day  

Corey Romich, 2016 (Groton Dunstable HS) – Romich is a young combo guard who has the opportunity to mature into a very good player. His shooting ability is exceptional, which allows him to fill it up when he gets hot. Also, he proved today that he has remarkable court sense and basketball intelligence.

Jhony Verrone, 2013 (Vanier Prep) – Verrone is a very physical guard, who has excellent activeness and can disrupt passing lanes. He gets inside the paint very well and has an average mid range game. He impressed today having a few very quality games.