Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 1 Recap

by Harry Rafferty | Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Hoop Mountain SW2 - Day 1 Recap

BRISTOL, RI - Day 2 of Hoop Mountain’s Super Week II began on Sunday afternoon with a new set of players arriving on the beautiful campus of Roger Williams. The day was highlighted by great plays from some usual suspects, but also had a few breakout performers mixed in as well. As the week goes on the level of play will surely continue to rise as players become more comfortable with their surroundings and start to build chemistry with their new teammates.

Here were the individuals that stood out on Sunday:  

Colin Richey – The smooth and shifty lead guard was his usual self today and particularly impressive in the night games. He has very good touch in the lane, almost never turns over the ball, and makes good decisions in pick n’ roll situations. He is also a fiery competitor, which was on full display from start to finish.

Jayvon Pitts-Young – While he has been a solid player for The Nation (ME) for a couple years now, Sunday might have been the breakout performance that Pitts-Young needed going into July. He is such a tough player that it is easy to overlook his skillset and how much better he makes the people around him. His ball handling has come a long way, he was hitting shots from all over the floor, and he might be the best defender at camp. Pitts-Young’s stellar performance was the topic of conversation of many of the college coaches throughout the day.

Nick Pasquale – The big man has improved by leaps and bounds over the past six months, and his significant improvements paired with his size will intrigue many in the coming month. He rebounded the ball in high volume, played hard, and even showed a few glimpses of offensives potential on the low block.

Johnnie Spears – Back for his second week of camp, he was once again impressive by using his speed and quickness to blow by defenders and wreak havoc on the defense end.

Shyheim Ulrickson – Ran the point for The Nation all day Sunday due to injuries to Dustin Cole and Justin Zukowski, and led the Mainers to a perfect 3-0 mark. Only a rising sophomore, Ulrickson’s future is very bright and he will surely be one to watch for the next few years due to his speed, skillset, and high basketball IQ.

Tim Ferraro – Watching the recent Stonington High (CT) graduate was a pleasant surprise as he was very impressive in both games today. The lead guard, who will be doing a post graduate year at the Tilton School, did a good job of playing within himself while also picking his spots to be aggressive and make plays.

Connor Reardon – Is a versatile player on the basketball court who can do a little bit of everything for his team. He is a gritty defender, a good rebounder for his size, and finds ways to score points here and there.

Cory Romich – The youngest and latest hard-nosed prospect to come out of the Romich family, he impressed with his competitiveness and ability to play hard for long spurts. He is also a knockdown shooter who was making shots throughout the day.  

Aaron Todd – The 6’7” York High (ME) product who will be spending a Post Graduate year at Cushing Academy was very solid down low for The Nation. When he is physical, Todd is a load to stop on the low block, and he did a good job of tipping balls in and keeping plays alive.

Malin Segal – Impressed with his toughness, quickness, and playmaking ability. He caused problems for opposing point guards with his on-ball defense, and offensively was very crafty around the hoop to finish over bigger defenders. Also has a good looking stroke from the perimeter.

Terrell Brown – His long term potential is undeniable, and under the eye of Coach Mike Hart he is making noticeable strides in his understanding of the game and ability to play hard.

Isaiah Robinson – The super physical wing did a good job of carving up space down low and using his thick frame to finish through contact down low. Robinson plays very hard too, and has a knack for making winning plays at crucial moments.  

Quentin Bullen – He is a tough player who plays hard defensively, and is also a good long range shooter. He has a good feel for the game and doesn’t force offensively, but rather lets the game come to him.  

Lee Messier – He is a three point specialist who has a spot on almost any team he plays for because of his ability to spread the floor and knockdown open shots. If he is open, it is most likely going in.

Pablo Lopez – The young player who came to camp from Spain this week hit a lot of shots, which was impressive for a kid his size. He loves to play the game and carried a lot of energy to the court on Sunday throughout the entire day.  

Tom Horvat – He is a heady point guard who makes the right basketball play the majority of the time. He throws the ball ahead, moves well without the ball, and does a good job of taking smart shots and knocking them down.

Stay tuned to the New England Recruiting Report for more recaps from camp throughout the rest of the week!