Headliner Recap – New England Elite 75 Invites Announced

New England Recruiting Report | Friday, June 5th, 2009

Headliner Recap – New England Elite 75 Invites Announced

For the last three years the New England Elite 75 Showcase has been the region’s most prestigious showcase.  Year in and year out, the event has featured the top scholarship prospects the region has had to offer.  This year is expected to be no different…except that the division I coaches will now be allowed to watch as the event will take place on July 9th during the NCAA Liver Period. 

The Elite 75 has partnered up with Reebok Basketball and their Proving Ground Camps to make this all possible.  In addition to making the event “Live” in 2009, players were also given the opportunity to try-out by participating in last weekend’s Reebok Headliner Try-Out Camp. 

Following the event, 11 players had earned invitations to this year’s Elite 75 Showcase:

Matt Brown – Few players have been better this Spring as Brown has put in a series of impressive performances with his Mass Rivals team, most notably in Pittsburgh and Providence.  This weekend was no different as he continued to produce at a high level despite fighting through an ankle injury. 

Theodore Boyomo – A longtime game changer on the defensive end of the court with his shot blocking and rebounding talents, Boyomo is beginning to emerge offensively as well.  That should make him a prospect that plenty of coaches from around the country will want to check out this summer. 

Derek Retos – One of the best players in the gym on Saturday, Retos took advantage of his reputation for being a shot maker by attacking close-outs all day long.  He was going by people and then pulling up off the dribble, scoring with floaters, and even finding his teammates for easy buckets.  He even incorporated a couple of deep threes for good measure. 

Akeem Williams – He’s made tremendous strides in the last year as he’s improved both his body as well as his ability to run the team.  His creativity with the ball in his hands remains his biggest asset and he was doing work this weekend putting points on the board. 

Ryan Romich – Versatility and efficiency may be his strongest suits, and we’re also impressed by how his body seems to get a little bigger and stronger each weekend out.  He’s a guy who college coaches will have to see this summer and the Elite 75 should give him a great opportunity to show his stuff. 

Ike Azotam – While he’s expanded his skill set, his bread and butter remains his ability to finish plays around the rim.  With huge hands, a strong body, and a pension for dunking everything inside he’ll have plenty of options before the recruiting process is all said and done. 

Allen Harris – Azotam’s running mate with Metro Boston, Harris is headed to Suffield Academy next year.  This weekend was a microcosm for his game on the whole, as he’s improved enough so that he can now hold his own against just about anyone. 

Kaleb Tarcewski – A big man with a huge upside, Tarcewski is headed to St. Mark’s next year where he’ll be the latest in a long line of talented big men.  He impressed in stretches last Sunday, and the Elite 75 should give him an opportunity to jump start his recruitment. 

Joe Sharkey – Sharkey played off the ball on Saturday and made the most of his limited opportunities.  Sunday he got the ball back in his hands and so he started playing his game of pushing the tempo and creating for himself and others north to south. 

Marco Banegas & Dennis Clifford – Banegas and Clifford picked up two different invitations following last weekend’s performance.  First, they were chosen to travel to Dallas for Reebok’s Underclass Camp.  Second, they earned invites to the Elite 75.