Gym Rat Challenge All-Tournament Teams Announced

NewEnglandRecruitingReport.com | Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Gym Rat Challenge All-Tournament Teams Announced

17U All-Gym Rat Challenge Team

Al Ogulphar, (6-9 C/PF) CT Flame: Developing big man who doesn’t turn 15 until July, but played at the 17U level. College-ready build, uses strength to his advantage inside. Good hands, active defender. Hard worker at both ends of the court.

Evan Smotrycz (6-9 PF/SF) Mass Rivals: Very good around basket. Can put the ball on the floor, and gets to basket. Athletic enough to play some on the perimeter, but strong enough to play inside, too. High basketball IQ. Drawing some interest from high-major level.

Carson DesRosiers (6-10 C) Mass Rivals: A legitimate shot-changing big man. Can step out to 15 feet and connect. Good hands, makes tough catches. Runs the floor well enough to be a factor in transition game.

Mike Rivera, (6-0 PG/SG) YABC: Outstanding shooter, both from the field and FT line. Great decision-maker with high hoops IQ. Can get to the basket on demand, and strong in transition, either getting to the hoop or creating for others.

Louis Montes (6-4 PG/SG) YABC: Super athletic who attacks the hoop at any time, but has strong perimeter skills, too. Size makes him a tough match-up. Versatile player who contributes on the boards and with defense.

Raheem Singleton (6-2 G) Greater Boston Lions: Explosive in transition as well as possessing a superb outside shoot. Took over a key meeting with the CT Flame, providing a late-game Boston Lions spurt to push his team over the top. Active defender.

Akeem Williams(5-11 PG) Boston Warriors Elite: Very quick floor general who is an outstanding passer, and runs a team under control. Also exhibited an outstanding shooting touch.

17U Honorable Mention All-Gym Rat Challenge

Colin Halprin (6-5 PF) Boston Warriors North
Roshard Bryant (6-8 PF) New Heights
Joe Ragland (6-1 PG/SG) Dunbar Community Center
Andrew McCarthy (6-10 C) Bay State Magic
Peter Lynch (6-6 PF) Boston Warriors Elite
Jeff Tagger Jr. (6-0 SG) Boston Warriors Elite
Jamie Pares (5-9 PG) CT Overtime
Joe Sindelar (6-9 C) CT Overtime
Ryan Romich (6-5 PF) CMBC-Pride
Tyler Strange (6-0 SG) CMBC-Pride
Russell Rosenband (6-2 SG) CT Flame
Jonathan Herzog (6-0 PG) CT Flame
Shawn Dailey (6-5 PF) CT Flame
Jon Kahane (5-11 PG/SG) Boston Warriors-Sanders
Robert Wesley (6-4 SF/PF) Greater Boston Lions
Cody Otto (6-2 SG) Glestonbury Hawks
Jefferson Lora (6-6 PF/C) CT Hoop Stars
Zach Russo (6-2 PG) CT Hoop Stars
Jon Goldberg (6-4 SF) Lone Wolf

16U All-Gym Rat CHALLENGE Team

Jordan LaGuerre (6-0 SG/PG) NH Heat: Multi-dimensional player who is strong, can hit from beyond the arc, and can get past defenders to the hoop. A great defender himself, he disrupts passes with quick hands. Unselfish, but also showed he can take over a game when needed.

Ryan Chambers (6-0 PG/SG) Bay State Magic: Can play either position. Showed ability to score consistently here, but also dished the ball well. An intelligent player who works hard and played defensive conscientiously.

Ryan Woumn (6-2 SG) Massachusetts Thundercats: A big-time scorer who hits shots from anywhere on the court. Defenders who guard his long-range shot get beat with a quick first step as he gets to the bucket. Great defender, hard worker who works the boards.

Randy Joseph (6-3 SG/SF) Rhode Island Breakers: Left-handed shooter with scoring ability, particularly off penetration. Very tough on the glass, despite his slender build. Good defender who handles the ball well.

T.J. Jann (6-4 SG/SF) Boston Warriors: Very fundamentally sound with good range on his shot. Natural scorer who is also an unselfish player with solid hoops IQ. Athletic and quick who gets the ball to teammates in good spots.

Ryan Dulaire (6-5 PF/SF) Connecticut Basketball Club: Physically strong player who can play either forward spot, and plays it hard. Excellent handle, and takes care of the ball. Good defender, who contests everything. Can also score from mid-range.

Darius Watson (6-5 PF/SF) Connecticut Basketball Club: Excellent post defender who gets it done both with hard work and court IQ. Scores from inside, but can also step out to the arc. Strong slasher who controls his body on the way to the hoop.

Rodman Noel (6-4 SF/SG) Boston Warriors-North: Long, athletic build with excellent shooting touch. Smooth player who can handle the ball, and keeps turnovers to a minimum. High energy performer.

Chi Che (6-5 PF) Greater Boston Lions: Good build. Long arms, and strong. Plays with great energy. Active on the glass, and gets to more than his share of loose balls. Contests everything on defense. Runs the floor hard and is a finisher.

16U Honorable Mention All-Gym Rat CHALLENGE

Jake Nelson (6-0 SG/PG) NH Knicks
Eric Watson (6-2 SG) NH Knicks
Sean Cunningham (6-0 SG/PG) Dunbar Mavericks
Kayaki Battle (6-1 SG) Greater Boston Lions
Aaron Wilson (6-3 SF) Middletown CT Bulldogs
Jaspar Grassa (5-11 SG/PG) Mass Thundercats
Ryan Mickiewicz (6-0 SG/PG) Basketbull
Cody Koester (6-1 SG) NH Falcons
Jeff Brewington (6-0 SG) Boston Warriors Elite
Jordan Jones (6-0 SG) RI Breakers
Tylon Smith Jr. (6-1 SG) CT Knights-Smith

15U All-Gym Rat CHALLENGE Team

Mike Mitchell (5-6 PG) New Hampshire Falcons: Without question the most creative passer at this event at any level. His game is “Pistol Pete” Maravich’s in a Spud Webb body. Despite his diminutive size, he goes fearlessly to the hoop and gets off shots. Range extends beyond the arc. Terrific in transition. True point guard who delivers passes that result in good shots. Size, though, results in some limitations. His future level depends on physical development.

Stephen Teague (5-8 PG) CMBC: Extremely quick guard who gets to the hoop and plays hard on either end. Slightly undersized for shooting guard, but he’s got the perimeter skills to play there, too.

Michael Ferrante (5-9 PG) RI Breakers-Anderson: Sneaky quick and heady player. Competed well. Can get to the hoop off the dribble, penetrates and finishes. Sees the court well. Clutch with the game on the line. Fiery competitor.

Ryan Pina (6-4 PF) RI Breakers-Motta: A good-sized forward who gets to the hoop and draws fouls. Very talented at scoring from close range, but also exhibited perimeter range when he sets his feet.

15U Honorable Mention All-Gym Rat CHALLENGE Team:

Gerald McClease (6-2 SF) CT Hoop Stars
Quinton Perkins (5-10 SG) CMBC
Cyrus James (6-3 SF) CT Knights-Morton
Dominic Hoffman (6-6 C) Hoop Haven Heat
Exzavier White (5-9 PG) Springfield Heat
Alex Conaway (6-4 PF) CT Hoop Stars
Jahrod Jackson (5-7 PG) Middletown CT Bulldogs