Elite 75 Frosh/Soph – 2014 Wings

New England Recruiting Report | Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Elite 75 Frosh/Soph – 2014 Wings

Make no mistake about it, Noah Vonleh was the undisputed star of the 2014 session at this weekend’s New England Elite 75 Showcase – Frosh/Soph Edition.  As one coach put it, “it was like he was playing on a nerf hoop” with his incredible assortment of big time dunks, not to mention killer crossovers and shakes with his dribble. 

But it was hardly just a one man show as a number of other players also played to rave reviews on the wing. 

Top Prospects

Jared Terrell, New Hampton (NH) – He’s a bull of a swingman, more powerful than any of his counterparts in the sophomore class.  While he’s best known for his ability to play through contact, he showed new dimensions on Saturday, breaking down defenders with his dribble, making pull-ups and threes, while also hammering home dunks. 

Kahari Beaufort, East Hartford (CT) – He was especially assertive and had his complete skill set on display.  His offensive arsenal is as versatile as anyone’s in the class with a consistent shooting stroke off the catch or the dribble along with the ability to create off the bounce.  He’s a highly talented pure scorer. 

Quincey McKnight, St. Joe’s (CT) – He’s showing all the signs of being on the verge of a breakout year.  His frame is starting to fill out, his jumper is becoming more of a weapon, and his handle becoming as dangerous in the quarter court as it is in the open floor. 

It’s All About Production

Freddie Oliveria, West Roxbury (MA) – He’s a big playmaking forward, capable of paying multiple positions, and creating all kinds of match-up problems with his combination of size and skill.  He has a pull-up, court vision, and the ability to score both inside and out. 

Jared Wilson-Frame (CT) – Already a well-known scoring threat, Wilson-Frame has traditionally done his best work with his skill set and perimeter jumper, but with newfound athleticism and explosiveness his game is about to go to another level. 

New Prospects

Quentin Bullen, St. John’s Prep (MA) – Another swingman with physical strength beyond his years, Bullen made a name for himself in his final game of the day on Saturday, getting hot from beyond the arc and making shots in bunches. 

Edson Dascy, St. Andrew’s (RI) – He’s a strong and athletic wing who does his best work when attacking the basket.  He can plays in straight lines to the rim and has the strength to absorb contact when attacking and finishing at the rim. 

Quinn Newton, Thornton Academy (ME) – Skilled and strong, Newton is the type of guy whose game translates well to the next level.  His ball skills are well rounded, his game efficient, and his feel for the game very solid. 

Taris Wilson Jr, Charlestown (MA) – He has bouncy athleticism that allows him to throw down rim rocking finishes whenever he gets the room to elevate.  He’s equally fast and quick making him a consistent threat to create his own offense. 

Phil Levine-Caleb, Newton South (MA) – At six-foot-three, he’s a good sized swingman who can score over top of smaller perimeter defenders.  He shoots off the catch or the dribble and has enough athleticism to get up and flush with dunks off of two feet. 

Catching Our Eye

Victor Udoji, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) – His frame is starting to fill out and his jumper becoming more consistent, making him that much more dangerous. 

Ryan Charter, Needham (MA) – His niche is his ability to attack off the catch as he utilized a variety of pivots and rip-through moves to attack the defense.. 

Andrew Middleton, Leavitt (ME) – He has good size for the wing at six-foot-four, strokes it from three, and has especially deep range. 

Larry McKinney, McMahon (CT) – A good looking prospect who stood out early in the day to make a name for himself. 

Liam Bruno, Newton North (MA) – Glue guy type who brings all the intangibles, knows how to play, and competes on both ends of the floor. 

Mike LeBlanc, Dover (NH) – His super smooth shooting stroke makes him particularly intriguing as a six-foot-six combo-forward. 

Markus Neale, West Roxbury (MA) – A playmaker with a lot of shake to his game, Neale can put points on the board in bunches but can also create for his teammates. 

Shane Farley, Burlington (MA) – Still a drive first scorer, Farley has continued to develop his body and his jumper to expand his versatility.