Elite 75 College Showcase Recap pt. 10

Monday, July 10th, 2023

Elite 75 College Showcase Recap pt. 10

Following the Elite 75 at Clark, we will be taking a look at each of the showcase teams and highlighting what they do well. Here's a look at one of the squads.


Omar Kulenovic (Berkshire, MA) is a playmaking forward with a high basketball IQ. The 6’ 8” forward can score it at all three levels but thrives in the post with his back to the basket. Has moves to get around defenders and to the rim, but also has a knack for making a flashy pass to cutting teammates. Handles the ball well for his size.


Anthony Nimani (Berkshire, MA) is a name to know heading into this NEPSAC season. The big guard is a smooth ball handler who can direct traffic and run an offense. Patient and waits to find the right openings to attack the defense for shots or open looks for his teammates. Possesses bounce to get up and flush down dunks with authority. Very fluid shooting form and can really light it up from deep. Division I radar.  

Christian Jeffers (Canterbury, CT) is a recently reclassified wing that should be on the scholarship radar. Put on a shooting clinic at the Elite 75 hitting a plethora of treys and mid-range shots. Uses his stronger frame to lock in on defense and alter shot attempts. Quick first step towards the bucket with moves and power to get the shots he wants around the rim. Gets into box outs quick to rip down boards and makes the right passes.


Jake Cofield (Catholic Memorial, MA) is a powerful presence, standing at 6’ 8” who has been on a tear during the grassroots season. The forward has a high motor and rebounds the ball with ease, often finishing with a double double. Uses his lengthy wingspan to alter shots around the basket or send them right back where they came from. Floor stretching capabilities are there as he hits the three off the catch at a good rate and spaces the floor to keep the offense rolling.


Dylan Gage (Berkshire, MA) is a taller southpaw guard that can impact a game at a high level. Capable as the lead guard as he can really see the floor and sprays the ball around to get high percentage shots. A microwave scorer on offense who can really light it up at any given moment. Has a quick burst towards the bucket and finishes through contact, but also has good touch with either hand at the rim.


Jason Robinson (Notre Dame West Haven, CT) is a high motor guard who flies around the court and jumpstarts a team with his presence. Defending on-ball is his specialty as he has quick footwork, crowds passing lanes and forces turnovers. Gets downhill maneuvering his way through traffic to finish acrobatically with defenders throwing contact. High percentage shooter as he really can knock down the three ball. 


Jaydon Buckle (Masters, CT) is an aggressive combo guard who is a crafty ball handler. He is impressive off the pick and roll and uses a great spin move to counter overplaying defenders. He knocks down shots at a high level as he is a threat to shoot it off the dribble, but can also blow by closing in defenders to get shots close to the basket. High motor defender always moving and staying on his assignment. 


Christian McClease (Choate, CT) has a college ready body and play style. He comes off screens hard and attacks relentlessly. Sets screens and fills spots very well off the ball. Can finish acrobatically around the basket but also has springs to throw down emphatic dunks. He is a vocal leader amongst his teammates and is comfortable with or without the ball. Makes good passes and will finish with contact. Scholarship level player reclassifying at Choate this season. 


Justin Odibo (Deerfield, MA) is a shooting threat from the perimeter who defenses need to be aware of when he’s on the court. Knocks three balls down pretty consistently as well as score it at all three levels. Strong frame that he uses to power his way to the bucket and finish through contact. Willing passer who helps keep the offense kicking as he finds open players on his team. 

Andrew Mabry (Putnam Tech, MA) is a crafty combo guard that is really shifty with the dribble. Has a bag of moves to keep defenders guessing, but has lethal hesitations to get downhill and finish acrobatically. Solid shooter who can score it from all over the court. Patient ball handler who waits for the right moment to attack the basket for his own looks or kick outs to others. Smooth, hard-working guard who coaches should be adding to their lists.