2024 Big Men to Keep an Eye On at the #S16

Friday, May 26th, 2023

2024 Big Men to Keep an Eye On at the #S16

We will next be profiling some 2024 big men to watch at this weekend's #S16 at Connecticut College and the surrounding CT shoreline area. 

Will Davis 6’8 (Basketball 2 The Limit/Bridgton Academy): Davis is a skilled big man with floor vision, inside/out scoring ability, and good hands rebounding. He established himself as one of the better players in the MIAA during his time at Newton North. 

Jacob Hogarth 6’8 (Middlesex Magic/South Kent School): Hogarth is a well-built big man who scores in the post and alters opponents' layup attempts. He was a part of South Kent’s NEPSAC Class AAA Championship team this past prep school season. 

Oscar Edelman 6’8 (Mass Rivals - HGSL/ New Hampton School): Edelman is a stretch big man who rebounds and finds teammates out of the post. He proved to be an important part of New Hampton’s rotation in his first year against NEPSAC Class AAA competition. 

Josh Decady 6’8 (Crown Basketball/Kimball Union Academy): Decady is an energetic big man who impacts the interior on both ends. He earned NEPSAC Class AA Honorable Mention honors this past prep school season. 

Caleb Middleton 6’9 (BABC/Brewster Academy): Middleton is a versatile big man who scores in different ways but also helps out on the glass. He will be making his return to New England this coming prep school season at Brewster Academy. 

Tre Washington 6’7 (BCRI/BFL Prep): Washington is a physical big man with a wide frame, post-scoring ability, and upside from long-range. He competed in the well-regarded Grind Session league last year at BFL. 

Chuck Hare 6’9 (Project Triple Threat/Kingswood-Oxford School): Hare is a high-motored big man with finishing touch and rim protection ability. He played an integral role on Kingswood-Oxford’s 16 win team this past prep school season. 

Wesley Rosa 7’2 (WeR1 New England/Bridgeport Prep): Rose is an imposing big man who rebounds, blocks shots, and finishes around the basket. His limited experience playing the game also fuels additional upside.