Frosh/Soph Elite 75 is Back!

Monday, September 11th, 2023

Frosh/Soph Elite 75 is Back!

After hosting the Frosh/Soph Elite 75 this weekend in both Hanover Massachusetts and Hamden Connecticut, we are grateful for everyone who attended, supported, and participated in the two events.

Since the inception of the New England Recruting Report, the Frosh/Soph Elite 75 has been the premier event to crown the region's top underclassmen and this year was no different. In total, we hosted over 280 freshman and sophomores from all six states in New England, and even saw guys make the trip from New York and New Jersey to put their talent on full display.

Get ready.. we are about to drop lots of info on our participants in the upcoming days and weeks, and will come together as a group to drop New England's Elite 75 underclassmen.

Stay tuned.