2018 ASFL Roster Released

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

2018 ASFL Roster Released

A Shot For Life, Inc. is pleased to announce the roster of our sixth annual A Shot For Life Challenge. The event is a hybrid of a highly competitive basketball shooting competition and a fundraiser. The winner of the A Shot For Life Challenge is officially named “The Best Shooter in Massachusetts” and their jersey number will be retired on the wall overlooking our court at the facility that holds our main office. Thanks to their incredible generosity, the ASFL Challenge will once again be held at the Starland Sportsplex in Hanover on August 4th. Funds raised by the A Shot For Life Challenge benefit the Dr. Curry Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. Coincidentally, Dr. Curry played basketball at Harvard in the 1990s.

While we have events that are open to players of all ages and skill levels, our ASFL Challenge is unique in that it utilizes the very top talent in Massachusetts exclusively. ASFL is a multi-dimensional charity basketball organization. To use the analogy of our organization being a university, the ASFL Family program would be our basketball program.

It is a competitive process to be chosen as an A Shot For Life shooter. We not only scout all prospective shooters closely, but we also look for people of great character. We are extremely proud of the 2018 roster as we welcome many new players into the A Shot For Life family. All of the participants involved in the A Shot For Life Challenge have committed to spend a significant amount of time and energy to raise money for brain cancer research. Their excitement and willingness to do so speaks volumes about who they are as people.

To donate to the A Shot For Life Challenge please follow this link: https://www.gofundme.com/2018-a-shot-for-life-challenge

“We’re very excited to welcome in a lot of new faces to the ASFL Family, but I also want to stop and recognize all of the players who have been so loyal to this organization throughout their high school careers. We expect our players to take wearing this logo seriously, and a lot of the familiar names heading off to college on this roster have set an excellent example for our younger players of what it means to be a part of this on and off the floor. We’re putting this logo on a lot of incredibly talented players but more importantly we’re putting this logo on a bunch of really great people. Whether it’s in four years or twenty years, everyone will eventually play their last game. Being a part of this organization guarantees that their talent makes a mark on someone’s life. I’m proud that from this point on they will be representing our organization, our alumni, and our mission.”
- Mike Slonina, CEO and Founder of A Shot For Life, Inc.

Male Roster:
Ethan Wright (Newton North)
Jay Dieterle (Rivers)
Chris Edgehill (Franklin)
Bensley Joseph (Cushing Academy)
Danny Yardemian (Belmont)
Travis Evee (Vermont Academy)
Thomas Shaughnessy (Needham)
Tommy O’Neil (Vermont Academy)
Noah Fernandes (Tabor Academy)
Tyler Spencer (Pembroke)
Liam Fitzpatrick (Winchester)
John Gates (Hingham)
Joe McCarron (Winchester)
Kani Glover (Catholic Memorial)

Female Roster:
Cassie Caldwell (Tilton)
Adriana Timberlake (Braintree)
Steph Lyons (Thayer)
Sydney Scales (Walpole)
Kayla Raymond (Oliver Ames)
Asiah Dingle (Archbishop Williams)
Lauren Sampson (Waltham)
Bri Gillen (Bishop Feehan)
Colby Shea (Pingree)
Riley Childs (Medway)
Emma Simmons (Carver)
Christina Costa (Weston)
Alli Cavallo (Duxbury)
Jayne Howe (Pembroke)