2010 Rankings Released

New England Recruiting Report | Thursday, August 13th, 2009

2010 Rankings Released

New England’s class of 2010 is a special group.  Consider this – our small region of the country has 7 of the top 100 players in the country before you consider the incoming prep school talent set to arrive next month. 

But out of everyone Nate Lubick is still tops on our list.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there are two reasons he is the best.  First and foremost, the kid is an absolute killer.  He’ll rip your head off to win the game and is as tough as they come.  Second, he impacts the game in so many different ways.  He may not be the best scorer on this list, but he consistently put up 20 points per game this summer playing on one ankle and is the type of guy who finds ways to score even when you don’t run stuff for him.  Beyond that, he’s one of the best passing big men in the region, THE best finisher, a fantastic rebounder, and a valuable team defender. 

If we were ranking the top scorers in 2010 Gerard Coleman would get the nod.  He showed at the Lebron James Skill Academy that he can put the ball in the bucket against the best competition the country has to offer, and that wasn’t news to anyone who has watched him closely over the years.  He’s already committed to Providence and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him average double figures right away his freshman year.  He’s a dynamic slasher with a solid mid-range game and there is no one better at getting to the rim in the open floor.  His three-point shot has improved over the years and when it finally catches up to the rest of his offensive game watch out because he’ll be virtually un-guardable. 

Evan Smotrycz cracks the top three for the first time and that’s a very deserving honor when you consider the type of AAU season he’s had.  Ever since his commitment to Michigan in the spring Smotrycz has been on an absolute role.  Always dangerous off the catch, the skilled forward has become much better with the ball in his hands and can now consistently create his own shot with the dribble.  Another thing that bodes well from Smotrycz is that he plays his best when the lights are on the brightest.  The proof is in the pudding as he’s played to rave reviews at the Pittsburgh & Providence Jam Fests this year in addition to the Rumble in the Bronx and NBA Players Camp. 

We didn’t get the chance to see Jason Morris first hand as much as we would have liked this summer but all reports indicate a very solid summer, which helps him to retain his position in the top five.  Morris’ chief asset continues to be his incredible athleticism and explosiveness, which allows him to play above the rim like few others can.  That gives him the “upside” and “potential” that so many recruiters look for. 

Perhaps no player better epitomizes long term potential than Carson Desrosiers.  He’s a very difficult player to project because with only one year remaining before he heads off to college you have to wonder if he has the upper body strength to play in the post in a high-major conference, especially one like the Big East.  But with that having been said, his size and skill level give him the tools to play this game at the highest levels if he continues to progress over the next four years.  What’s undeniable is that he’s a high major lock who should continue to get better of the course of his college career. 

The Rest of New England’s Top Ten

6.  Rod Odom – they don’t make many 6’9” wings who can stroke it like he can
7.  Ron Giplaye – Bulldozer disguised as man who flat out produces on block
8.  Maxie Esho – few in New England realize how good this kid really is
9.  Hector Harold – smooth 6’7” wing with terrific skill set
10. Dartaye Ruffin – One of New England’s most undervalued.  Drexel got a STEAL