Rising Senior Spotlight - Michael Iuzzolino

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Michael Iuzzolino

Mike Iuzzolino's recruitment is tricky. 

His dad is an assistant coach at Robert Morris and so most coaches probably assume he's automatically going there. 

That isn't the case though and so RMU didn't immediately offer the younger Iuzzolino a scholarship, which could be misconstrued that they didn't think he was good enough. 

So here's the plain simple truth - Canterbury's rising senior guard is a clear division I player and while he has a spot at Robert Morris if he wants it, he wants to pave his own path and, accordingly, is very interested in being recruited by other schools. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'2"
Position: Combo Guard
School: Canterbury School
AAU: New York Jayhawks
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

By the Numbers

2019-20 Stats: 15ppg, 51% 2pt FG, 41% 3pt FG, 95% FT, +13.8 +/-
Academics: 3.4 GPA

Personal Statement

My Father is a pretty well known guy in the basketball world and I want everyone that is recruiting me to know that I want to make my own path and legacy and that I am my own person. Too many people already assume I'm just going strait to Robert Morris, which isn't the case, I treat them just like every school that is recruiting me and have no biases towards them. I'm the type of kid where I can't stand for just being average in everything I do when it's on or off the court I'm doing it to the best of my ability and to where I become efficient where no mistakes are made. I have to be the best and it will bother me if I'm not and will be right back in the gym to make sure I will be the best. So many people in my life have doubted me and told me I can't play college basketball, and the best feeling in the world is getting to see my dreams start to come true and everyone who doubted me is still sitting on the bottom as I continue to rise. 


"Mike loves basketball. He is obsessive about his workouts. He is tough-minded and competitive. He's an alert defender and a capable ballhandler. And he can flat-out shoot the basketball. He has an ultra-quick release and only needs a little daylight to get his shot off. What separates Mike from most other good shooters is his ability to shoot off screens and off the dribble. He also has no fear, and he has proven that he will take and make big shots. "
- Brian Baudient, Canterbury School head coach and former D1 assistant

"Mike has a work ethic that's off the charts and being around a teammate like that is only encouraging. He knows what he's good at and tries to perfect his craft day in day out. As a teammate playing with Mike was fun, because besides being someone who does not miss too often, he listens and takes advice well and he does not take constructive criticism the wrong way. Playing with someone like that is a plus. It makes your relationship stronger."
- Tray Alexander, former Canterbury teammate

Scouting Report

"Iuzzolino is a high-level shot-maker with a chip on his shoulder. That phrase may be a cliché, but it really embodies his approach to the game. He's got that outward and unapologetic confidence that is totally authentic and comes in direct correlation to his work ethic. His shooting numbers are off the charts. Being a 50/40/90 shooter is arguably the highest statistical accolade a shooter can earn at the higher levels, but it doesn't get talked about in high school because it's virtually unheard of. Well, Iuzzolino did it, and what that means is that he's a versatile shot-maker who is efficient at various spots on the floor. He makes threes at a steady clip but can also score inside the arc. In short, I think he's a clear D1 player and someone who helps you win at that level"
- Adam Finkelstein, NERR & ESPN

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