Rising Senior Spotlight - Jaden Bobbett

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Jaden Bobbett

If you walked into Cushing Academy's gym this year you saw guys who were bigger, stronger, or more athletic. If you looked at their roster you noticed names that were more well-known. 

But if you watched them play, you didn't see anyone who played harder than Jaden Bobbett

And if you had seen them play the year before, you didn't see anyone who had improved more over the course of a year than Bobbett either. 

He's made significant strides, across the board, and in so doing picked up interest from schools in the Ivy, Patriot, UAA, and NESCAC with his ultimate goal being an opportunity to play at the division I level. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'2"
Position: Guard
School: Cushing Academy
Academics: 3.8 GPA
Travel: Team New England

Personal Statement

I play for one of the best teams in NEPSAC basketball and play for one of the most respected AAU teams in New England. I compete against the best day in and day out in practice and in games. This year we played some of the best teams in the country and I got to see where I stand. I believe I was able to hold my own when playing in big games. Every game we played I have gone against high level basketball players and been able to prove I belong. Once I decided to go to Cushing from the Fessenden School, my understanding of the game has grown tremendously and so has my skill level. I have always been the underdog and love to compete and will never be out worked. I will do anything to help my team win and will always put the team first. 


"JB is in the same conversation as Bede and Duke when it comes to being one of the hardest workers we've had here at Cushing. JB's competitive nature has always made him a winner, but his improved athleticism and skill level make him a must see for Ivy, Patriot, NESCAC and any other high academic programs looking for a winner."
- James Cormier, Head Coach, Cushing Academy

"Jaden is a coach's player.  He consistently gives 110% effort on everything he does, knows how to make his teammates better and is a natural born leader.  On the court, he is a very good on-ball defender, plays with a high IQ and plays with an aggression that every coach loves!"
- Isaiah Davis, Owner & Director, Team New England

"What makes him special is he makes others better. He has a motor and you'll never have to coach effort. Not what we are seeing with a lot of young player's today. He can run a team and make a shot. Not a great athlete but someone who's always trying to get better in those areas. I've coached on every level and his values are what I would think winning programs are looking for."
- Larry Brown, Hall of Fame NBA & NCAA Coach

Scouting Report

"Cushing Academy's roster was loaded with talent last year. From incoming post-grads to returning players, they had D1 players at every position on the floor. From the very first workout I saw though it was clear just how much Jaden Bobbett had improved since the previous year. He wasn't just holding his own against these guys, but he was proving he belonged. That continued during the course of the season. He knows how to play, he plays hard on both ends, and he keeps getting better. That sounds like a pretty basic formula, but most guys can't check all three boxes. Jaden can and does every time I see him." 
- Adam Finkelstein, ESPN & NERR

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