Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Jordan Riley

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Jordan Riley

Jordan Riley was part of a 2018-19 Windsor team that was among the very best in the CIAC as he starred alongside a pair of future Rider commits in Corey McKeithan and Lawrence Foreman along with another scholarship prospect in Primo Spears

Put Riley on almost any other team in the state and he would have been the alpha-star. With Windsor though, he was happy to share the ball and help lead the Warriors to one of their best seasons in recent memory. 

That dedication continued to show during his prep year when he first debuted at Notre Dame West Haven, commuting by train every day despite the fact that he came down with sickness early in the year. When a mid-year transfer to Master's made for an easier daily commute, Riley again fit in seemlessly, sacrificing his own individual offense at times while standing out defensively. 

Prospect Profile

High School: Windsor (CT) '19
Prep School: Master's (CT) '20
2019-20 Stats: 14pts, 5rebs, & 4asts per game
Height: 6'3"
Position: Guard

Personal Statement

As my high school coach Ken Smith puts it, I am the 'X-Factor' in any game I play in. I make a positive difference and compete at an extremely high level every second I am on the basketball court. I've displayed this type of play throughout my varsity and prep years. One of those games was the CCC chip vs. East Catholic, when I was instrumental in securing the first chip in years. 

I see myself as a versatile player that can score and produce at all three levels, play and a defend all five positions anywhere and anytime on the court. Most people see me as just a scorer, but I Impact the game in so much ways then just scoring. My defense, rebounding, and exciting playmaking ability is just as dangerous as my scoring, making me the versatile player I see myself to be.  I am extremely passionate about the game and willing to play in any capacity needed. My playmaking, scoring, rebounding, and defense is where my diversity starts, but not where I want It to end. I want my diversity to continue to grow as time goes on. I want it to take me to the next level of basketball where I can get a more professional understanding of the intricacies of the game. Develop my skill while learning new ones, use my god given talent, all while performing well academically. 

Through my years on varsity, and my year at prep school, I have not only developed physically but mentally as well, learning life lessons in dedication, focus, respect, trust, and practicality. I can say I could've done a lot of things differently, but I'm still here and my love and dedication for and to the game will never change.


"I call him a swiss army knife because he can do everything. He rebounds it pretty well, plays hard defensively, and is evolving offensively. It was very hard to take him off the floor because of his energy, especially defensively. He was a great kid for me off the court too. I do think he's a scholarship level player because he has the intangibles that a lot of kids don't bring."
- Tobias Ceasar, Head Coach, Master's School

Scouting Report

Riley's length, body type, athleticism, and physical upside are all scholarship level. He plays hard, competes, defends, and is able to impact the game without dominating the ball. Offensively, he has a solid skill-set that is bound to keep developing. He has a handle to make plays off the dribble, a clean release to develop when he's in rhythm, and a quick second jump around the rim. After sharing the ball at Windsor, being ill to start his post-grad season, and then transferring mid-year, he's still under-the-radar, but possesses a lot of late value and untapped potential. 

Video Highlights