Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Joel Pullen

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Unsigned Senior Spotlight - Joel Pullen

If you made the trip to Lee, Maine this year and engaged the coaching staff about who was producing for them, inevitably the first name you would hear would be Joel Pullen

Similarly, if you watched the New Haven Heat last spring and summer and asked who was at the heart of their best season in program history (including a win over BABC and the 2019 AAU u19 national championship), the first name you would hear would be Joel Pullen. 

He may not be the first guy you notice, but the substance he provides when it comes to winning basketball games has become undeniable over the course of the last year. Yet, he remains relatively under-recruited with interest from Post University, Cal State Bakersfield, and several D1 junior colleges. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 5'10" 
Position: Point Guard
School: Lee Academy
Grassroots: New Haven Heat

By the Numbers

2019-20 Stats: 15pts, 5ast, 5reb, & 2 steals
  Top Games: 25pts & 5rebs vs. Putnam Science; 24pts & 7rebs vs. Springfield Commonwealth
2018-19 Stats (Westminster): 20pts, 5asts, & 2stls

Awards & Records

  • 2019 D1 AAU National Championship MVP
  • Wilbur Cross High School - Most Steals in a Single Game (11)

Personal Statement

"I'm a hard-working player. I'm humble, a dog on both ends of the court, and just looking for a chance to prove it on the highest level." 


"Joel is a winner and a competitor that's proves himself everywhere he plays. He can score in multiple ways, create his shot or for his teammates. He has a nose for rebounding and loves to play defense and disrupt. He's one of the most enjoyable kids to coach. You never had to ask him to play harder. I promise, any roster he makes, that team is better than before."
- Dan Haynes, Head Coach, Lee Academy

"I coached Joel for the last seven years and one thing that pops to my mind is Heart Over Height. At all levels he shows that he belongs. Whatever we need from him, he does. He scores on a high clip when needed, makes the players around him better by playmaking and leading on and off the court.  He's one of the best defenders I saw in the last couple of years because he can force a lot of turnovers defending the ball and isn't scared or effected by guarding bigger players. Joel helped turn New Haven Heat into a household name and will help turn any college program around or keep them on a high level."
- Doc Kennedy, Director, New Haven Heat

Scouting Report

"Pullen is one of those guys that you get a greater appreciation for every time you see him. He, admittedly, has never been the first guy I've noticed when I've seen his teams play, but the consistency and versatility with which he impacts the game becomes evident as you keep watching. It happens on both ends of the floor, and against the highest levels of competition, as well. What he may lack in size he compensates for with skill and energy. He's tight with his handle, able to throw bullet passes off the dribble, and can shoot it with a quick release."
- Adam Finkelstein, ESPN & NERR

Video Highlights