Rising Senior Spotlight - Will Barton

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Rising Senior Spotlight - Will Barton

St. Paul's High School rising senior Will Barton is exactly the type of player we had in mind when we designed the virtual showcase platform. 

He's clearly a college caliber prospect with his size and skill-level, but this platform allows a deeper dive as we get to dig deeper into his game by examining his film and learn more about him by reading what his coaches have to say. 

What that reveals is a prospect who might just be scratching the surface of his potential and could very well see both his game and his recruiting prowess continue to grow over the course of the next year. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'7"
Position: Wing
School: St. Paul Catholic

By the Numbers

2019-20 Stats: 12.3pts, 8.3rebs, 48% FG (8 double-doubles)
Academics: 3.8 GPA in honors classes (SAT delayed due to COVID-19)

Personal Statement

I am a versatile player with a high basketball IQ and great guard skills at 6’7”. I can score at all three levels, with a consistent three point stroke, a good floater and pullup jumper, and an ability to score at the basket and post up. I also am an unselfish teammate with good court vision and a positive attitude on and off the court. I am coachable and have a passion for winning and improving my game. Playing college basketball has been a dream of mine since a young age and I will continue to be a student of the game.


"What makes Will Barton unique is that he can play a point forward position at 6'7. Will makes good decisions, has a high basketball IQ and a motor. What I love about Will Barton is that he is driven, determined, and loves to play the game and make players around him better. I know that if the game is on the line I want him to have the ball in his hands because he will make the shot or he will find the open man to win the game. Any scholarship level coach would want a player of Will's caliber on their team. Academically, he simply gets it done and Will Barton is a high character kid. More importantly, he would be well received in the college community as a leader and student-athlete."
- Donta Johnson, Trainer/Owner, Drive 4 Stardum

"Will's continued development is boundless. Great length, possesses the ability to score at 3 levels. Very comfortable on perimeter with skill set to take guys off the dribble. Really began to use his size around the rim last season. Great basketball IQ and insatiable appetite to work and learn. Great student, great teammate, extremely coachable, a guy you look forward to being with in the gym every opportunity you get."
- Steve Phelps, Head Coach, St. Paul Catholic

Scouting Report

"One of the silver linings of the last few months, is that while we haven't been able to see guys play in person, we've had more time to watch film, which can sometimes provide a deeper dive. When I saw Barton play last fall, my first impression was that his combination of size and skill would fit a prototype that is highly coveted in the college game right now. I think that's the macro view. When I watched the film and read what his coaches said about him, you start to see some of the mico - the work-ethic, learning curve, versatility to his skill, passing instinct, etc... In short, he's definitely someone that I'm looking forward to watching a lot more closely once we get back to playing, and I think college coaches should do the same." 
- Adam Finkelstein, NERR & ESPN

Video Highlights