Prep Product Heading to Big 10

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, March 29th, 2010

Prep Product Heading to Big 10

Tre Bowman, who saw his recruiting stock consistently soar upwards this season, made a verbal commitment to Penn State University on Monday following an official visit to the school.  

“It came down to Penn State, South Florida, Minnesota, and Drexel,” Bowman told the New England Recruiting Report.  “I was planning to visit Drexel and South Florida but I went to Penn State first and everything just felt right so I pulled the trigger.” 

Penn State first showed interest in Bowman, a Pennsylvania native, during his junior year in high school but wasn’t actively recruiting him when he first arrived at St. Thomas More this fall. 

“They noticed I had been developing a lot and got back in my recruiting,” he said.  “They offered about a month ago and I told them I would take an official.  Basically I knew I wanted to be there but I wanted to come up and get to know the players and the coaches.” 

Bowman said his increased recruitment throughout the course of the season can be attributed to both increased exposure as well as improvements to his game. 

“I got a lot better.  Coach Quinn really helped me out a lot.  He knew when I came here that coaches were falling back because of my defense and he taught me a lot of basic fundamentals.  He told me I wasn’t going high major without any defense,” Bowman said.  “Plus I got out on the circuit.  Coach put us all in situations where coaches were going to come out to see us play.” 

When Bowman first arrived at St. Thomas More it was with the reputation for being a shooter.  He will be leaving not just as an improved defender but also as a more complete offensive player, capable of attacking the rim with athleticism.  Nevertheless, his ability to shoot the ball clearly appealed to Penn State. 

“[Penn State] Coach DeChellis told me that if I don’t come in and get a lot of minutes next year he will be disappointed in me,” Bowman said.  “They’re really in need of a shooter and that’s what I’ll be looking to do next year.”