La Salle Duo Kick-Off 2024 Rankings In Rhode Island

Zack Sandberg | Monday, September 26th, 2022

La Salle Duo Kick-Off 2024 Rankings In Rhode Island

It's not often we have a pair of Division 1 prospects teaming up in the RIIL, but that's just that case this year with La Salle's Joshua Ojuri Kelvin Odih . Odih and Ojuri also team up on the grassroots circuit with Rhode Island Elite, where they first began to garner their interest from the college level. 

The next great point guard coming out of Providence might be East Providence & RI Elite point guard Trey Resendes. A throwback style point guard, Resendes has great poise and controls the tempo. 

Also making his debut in the top 5 is St. George & Middlesex Magic guard Alex Berry. A powerful athlete, Berry is continuing his evolution into a true guard who can play with or without the ball. His teammate at St. George's, BABC wing Anthony Daley, had a huge summer and rounds out the initial list, as we look forward to evaluating the incoming prospects to the region, as well as how some of the RIIL's best have progressed.


Stay tuned for later this week as we continue to release our initial 2024 Rankings