Jim Calhoun joins the Upside Podcast

New England Recruiting Report | Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Jim Calhoun joins the Upside Podcast

Naismith Hall of Famer and former University of Connecticut head coach Jim Calhoun is the latest to join the Upside Podcast.

Coach Calhoun is a true legend who led UConn to three national championships and numerous regular season and conference tournament championships in the Big East.

This wide-ranging conversation includes the specific philosophies that led to him building a national powerhouse program including recruiting philosophies, branding, and the psychology behind motivating his players, specifically his star players. He talks about a number of the all-time greats to play under him, even the late Reggie Lewis, along with UConn greats like Ray Allen, Kemba Walker, Rip Hamilton, Caron Butler, Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Scott Burrell, Donyell Marshall, Chris Smith, Rip Hamilton, Cliff Robinson, Kevin Ollie, and so many others.

We even look back at how the passing of his father at just 15 years of age helped shaped him and some of the jobs he did in the years after, like gravedigging, that helped cultivate his work ethic.

Finally, Coach Calhoun talks about what he is most proud of and why he opted to come back to coach at division III St. Joseph's in West Hartford next season.