Dean Oliver joins The Upside Podcast

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Dean Oliver joins The Upside Podcast

Dean Oliver is a pioneer of advanced analytics in the game of basketball. 

He was at the forefront of the movement following the popularity in baseball, as captured by "Moneyball." He authored the first mainstream book on the subject "Basketball on Paper" in 2002 and became the first full time statistical analyst in the NBA less than two year later. 

In the last fifteen years he has worked in the front office of three different NBA franchises and also worked at ESPN. Now, he's extending his knowledge to the game of football. Oliver has continued to be at the forefront of the advanced analytics movement and in this conversation disucsses its history, his personal journey, common misconceptions, and the bare minimum that every team should be considering. 

This is a great conversation for any fan hoping to get a baseline education in basketball analytics and will surely offer new nuggets even to those who are familiar with the subject.