Connecticut Elite on the Be Seen Tour

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Connecticut Elite on the Be Seen Tour

The Be Seen Tour made its way to watch Connecticut Elite, a program with a proud history who have been rebuilding under Trey Sells for the last two years. 

It began last year when their u16 team started making waves, including a big finish at the Memorial Day Super 16 Showcase. 

They kept the foundation of that class in place this year while adding perhaps an even more talented 2022 class behind it. 

The Meshanic twins, Carter and Hunter, remain the foundation of the program. There’s a lot of ways in which you could accurately describe them – hard-working, loaded with intangibles, efficient, versatile, productive…the list just goes on and on…

Perhaps the best word though is winners. All they’ve done throughout their entire career has been win. They have done it at Kingswood-Oxford and they’ve done it here too. And while some have questioned their upside, by continuing to win against all comers, all they’ve done is prove themselves time and time again. 

Carter Meshanic appears to be in the best shape of his life right now. He’s lean and cut, but very strong, and scoring the ball from all over the floor. He’s the more guard-like of the twins while Hunter Meshanic is more of a forward, and a true mismatch problem who has a knack for operating around the lane and with his back to the basket, but is just as strong and physical putting the ball on the floor from the perimeter and equally capable of knocking down open jumpers. 

Mason Jackson has always been the best long-term prospect on the team and with his move to Canterbury and the class of 2022, the extra year is only further helping his natural talent come to the forefront. Jackson has great size on the perimeter and the same type of position-less characteristics that the Meshanics do. He’s coming into his own as a playmaker, not just creating for himself but also for others, and making strides with his overall skill-set and shot-making as well. 

With that core back in place, the new additions to the team have only helped to take them to the next level. 

Dion Perkins and Will Barton are two seniors who are both vastly improved. Perkins put up absolutely huge numbers last year at Seymour, averaging 25 points per game and winning all types of post-season awards. He even had a 50-point game. Ironically, he’s still relatively under-the-radar and still has his best basketball very far in front of him. 

Barton is similar in that he’s come on strong in the last year and yet still has a ton of room left to keep improving. He’s highly skilled for his size at 6-foot-7 but has perhaps an even higher basketball I.Q. and ability to handle and pass the ball for his size. 

Millbrook’s Charlie Weisberg has been a strategic addition for this program too as he’s provided some ideally suited three-point shooting and floor-spacing. More than that, Weisberg has a similarly high basketball I.Q. to Barton with the intangibles and work-ethic of the Meshanics, and a college-ready body to match. 

Marianapolis Prep’s Kualim Johnson is a very intriguing prospect for college coaches to monitor. He too is vastly improved in the last year, but could end up being the late-bloomer of this group. He’s got big-wing type potential with a terrific body type, good athleticism, and a well-rounded game. We’d actually be surprised if he didn’t make another jump in the coming year, the question is whether those jumps begin to compound themselves, because he has that type of sheer potential. 

St. Joseph’s Carson Arkay was a new name for our database. The strong-bodied forward is tough, physical, and reportedly in the best shape of his career to date with an expanded offensive game inside of 15-feet. 

The class of 2022 now begins with Jackson of course, but there’s a plethora of talent behind him. Tyrone Holloway missed the workout we attended but has been playing to rave reviews this summer. He’ll join Jackson at Canterbury this season. 

There’s a collection of junior guards in place who all have bright futures. Logan Carey is a budding big lead guard with size, strength, well-rounded physical tools, solid skills, and crafty playmaking potential. After a strong sophomore campaign at Fairfield Prep, he’s continued to emerge this summer, including a big performance this past weekend. Jason James is another playmaker off the bounce with good burst in attack mode. 

The program also has their own version of the splash brothers in Johnny McCain and Miles Drake from Trumbull and Darien respectively. McCain, dubbed Johnny Cash for his ability to drill shots with deep range and a quick release, has that swag that all great shooters possess while Drake has a fluid and virtually pure release on his stroke. 

Our #BeSeen coverage of Connecticut Elite is just getting started so be sure to check the site tomorrow for a look at all the video content to come from our visit on the Be Seen Tour.