2010:  Local Players Make National Rankings

NewEnglandRecruitingReport.com | Thursday, August 28th, 2008

2010:  Local Players Make National Rankings

Much like the class of 2009, it appears the top three in 2010 are indisputable as Jason Morris, Gerard Coleman, and Nate Lubick were ranked by all three sources while no other New England product made the cut. 

What becomes much less clear is where they rank when compared to each other.  In fact, Scout, Rivals, and ESPN all list the players in different orders. 

We’ll begin with Scout who lists the top 75 players in the class of 2010.  They have Jason Morris in the top spot at #43 while Gerard Coleman comes in at #55 and Nate Lubick close behind at #58. 

Lubick goes from third to first on ESPN’s Super 60 list as they rank him as the 21st best prospect in the nation.  Meanwhile Gerard Coleman is next on the list at 23 while Jason Morris is third at 42. 

Morris returns to the top of Rivals’ list which has him at #22 while Lubick comes in at #62 and Coleman #67. 

Former New England products Phil Pressey and Dion Waiters were also unanimous selections in all three lists.  Pressey was ranked 18 by Scout, 20 by ESPN, and 42 by Rivals.  Waiters was 10 by ESPN, 20 by Rivals, and 21 by Scout. 

The varying opinions of the nation’s most credible experts illustrates one indisputable point – ranking players is an inexact science. 

Stay tuned to the New England Recruiting Report tomorrow as we will release our updated 2010 rankings.