ZGXL: The Summit Live Recap

Dylan Thayer | Monday, May 20th, 2024

ZGXL: The Summit Live Recap

We traveled down to The ZGXL Summit Live this past weekend down at Spooky Nook, and saw numerous coaches in the gym from the D1 to D3 level. The energy was high and the matchups did not disappoint. Let’s take a look at what went down over the first spring live period.


The Championship


The much-anticipated 17U Black championship between Riverside Hawks Select (NY) and ASA (MA) was phenomenal as it ended in a one-point ASA win in OT. 

ASA started out scorching hot from three with key contributions across the board as Tristan Rodriguez, Jacob Pichay, Theo Moore, Danny Adams and co. let it fly early. Amadou Fall did his best to keep Riverside in it at the beginning with some big time blocks, a three from the center of the arc and some big time flushes above the rim.


At halftime, ASA led by 15 but the second half was won by Riverside as they clawed their way back. Joe Evangelista helped power the second half run for the Hawks as he made a living from downtown, cashing a number of three-pointers. Chase Garcia got to the basket and threaded the needle on some passes out of the PNR. 


Overtime was a hard-fought battle as ASA was able to outscore the Hawks 4-3 and take home the chip. It’s difficult to choose one guy to name MVP as it really was a complete team effort and very well coached game on both sides. Remaining composed in such a high stakes game can be tough but ASA was able to effectively run their sets and pull out a victory in what was the definite game of the weekend.




ASA vs. PSB Philly 


ASA (MA) took on a tough PSB Philly (PA) team, and while they held the lead for the majority of the game, the game was close for most of it. Danny Adams going to the Darrow school next year helped lead the way. Adams made his mark from downtown hitting a plethora of three-pointers. Theo Moore brought his gritty, physical guard play and poured in some points, and Tristan Rodriguez did so as well. 


PSB put together a strong collective effort, fighting through adversity the whole game. Anderson Brndjar did what he does, knocking down big time shots and helping direct traffic. Ahmaar Godhania poured in the points as he hit some jump shots and limited turnovers. Madyx Gruber’s all-around play was on full display as he raced through the lane and sprayed the ball to teammates, as well as grab boards.


Riverside Hawks Select vs. Cap City


Riverside Hawks Select (NY) fended off a tough Cap City Scrappers (NY) team in a close one throughout. Amadou Fall’s impressive mobility at his size stood out as he was able to carve his way through the lane, and knock down shots from outside. Chase Garcia brought a strong punch at the guard spot using his physical body to convert around the basket. The Hackley School’s Jelani Middleton got to his spots in the mid-range off the dribble and hit shots.


Cap City’s Arthur Foster brought his smooth, southpaw style to the court and was able to navigate through the lane for points at the basket. Jacob Henderson’s physicality was felt using his body to bully opposing guards and create for his teammates. Akbar Allah’s sneaky bounce and on-ball defense caught my eye, as well as Cameron Laclair’s shot creation in the paint.


Some Stockrisers


Chais Harrisette - Prodigy (MA): Harrisette’s twitch of the dribble is notable as he can go and get a bucket with his quick burst. He sees the floor using his vision to move the ball and run the offense.


Jonathan Roberts - Uptown (PA): Roberts is a big guard that emerged as one of the most under the radar gems in the ZGXL this weekend. He brings size to power through PnR’s, converts at the basket relentlessly, and has impressive athleticism. Had multiple outings of 20+ points.


Jonovan Bracey - CT Focus (CT): Bracey’s sneaky athleticism as a 6’5” wing stood out. He can finish above the rim, guard multiple positions on defense, and has a good handle to get through the defense.


Bryan Reyes - Topp Tier (MD): Reyes is an undersized guard but don’t let that fool you as he is relentless and definitely punches above his weight. Reyes has no problem being a defensive pest on the opposing team’s best player and plays with a running motor.


Noah Daniel - NE Storm (NH): The Berwick Academy guard helped the Storm make a run at the Summit. He has pop to rise to the rim and throw down, and knows how to use his longer arms to crowd lanes on defense.


Cam Yingling - Nova Cavs (VA): The Nova Cavs have an impressive group of high academic prospects led by Noah Limbago, but it was Yingling that caught my eye. He brings shot-making versatility, flushes down some dunks and plays with extreme energy. D3's should take note.



Nyisah Miranda - DB Elite (MA): Miranda is the lead guard for a sneaky group of intriguing prospects out of the Stoughton Massachusetts area. The guards speed and playmaking stood out as he was able to power his team to some big wins.


Charlie Hinman - Middlesex Magic (MA): Double-doubles came easy for Hinman as he had a string of them in the event. Hinman stretches the floor from three with precision, but his suffocating defense was eye-catching as well.


Patrick Madden - Rivals Elite (MA): Hopedale’s Patrick Madden is a key cog of the Rivals Elite ZGXL squad, and his smooth three-pointer was on full display. Outside of knocking down shots, he was impressive as a ball-mover and running around screens.


Khaleeb Obieke - Team Northeast (NY): Obieke is an underrated guard that I expect to continue to rise. He packs a quick punch at the guard spot to get to the basket, but knows how to facilitate and run an offense well, picking up hoards of assists.


Jamel Walker - Central Flight (MA): Walker has been making a name for himself in the Central Mass region and brought his strong play down south. He has a crafty game to score at all three levels and makes smart passes to create for others. 


Patrice Augustin - Loic Hoops (CAN): Earning a spot in the 17U rankings, Augustin has looked like one of the best players on the circuit. He has size and strength to make a living in the paint, blocking shots, pulling in boards and bullying his way to the basket.


Elijah Barclay - Palisades Elite (NY): With an impending D3 commitment coming very soon according to Barclay, he was a solid piece for the Palisades 17’s. At the forward spot he was able to control the glass and get everyone in the right spots.


John Sozio - YSU Elite (NJ): Sozio brings a solid all-around presence to the court from the guard spot, contributing in multiple areas. He has a good handle on the rock, and good feel to make the right decisions and limit the bad ones.


Wilmer Wilson - Bluechips (NJ): The New Jersey product had some strong showings throughout the weekend. He has a longer wingspan which he uses to get above the defense and finish at the rim, and controlled the glass for his team on both ends.


Daniel Pellegrini - Total Skills (PA): The guard showed his impressive transition play in the 15U division helping power his team to some wins. He scored fastbreak points, hit some threes and converted at the basket.


Emmitt Byther - Black Bear North (ME): The Old Town Maine forward is a strong, physical forward making an impact in a few different areas. He is a good connecting piece as a passer, competes defensively and has a little three point shooting in his arsenal.


Devin Webb - NYBball Academy (NY): Webb helped the NY-based program compete in their games over the weekend in front of a good number of college programs. He scored it well from all-over the floor and sent shots flying back in the paint. 


Sean Wilson - DTX (CT): Back in September we were first introduced to Wilson at the Frosh/Soph Elite 75, and since then his game has been notable. He brings a big body to the guard spot, burst off-the dribble and is consistent as a shooter from deep.


Blake Laugthon - ONL-X (CAN): Laughton is an impressive guard out of Canada with a relentless game. He is a fearless slasher that gets to the rim with quickness, but also makes a living from the three-point line. 


Fabian Wheatley - Boys2Men (NY): D1’s checked in to the facility to get a look at the top-five ZGXL ranked guard out of the NYC area. Wheatley has twitch off the dribble, scores it at will from all three levels, and has impressive facilitating skill. 


More Names to Know


Jakari Candy (City Rocks Hope), Kalen Murphy (Metro United), Kyle Robinson (EEP), Jacob Feisel (Jr. Clutch), Kayden Fortes (Team Sims), Westin Retzos (Ontario Storm), Connor O’Rourke (One Dream), Marcus Lozius (MT Elite Ducks), Aundray Fowler (Kali Kai Warriors), Ryan Larsh (RI Knights), Noah Musto (Go Up Strong), Lloyd Owosu (Fairfax Stars), Ethan Gilson (Elevate NYBC), Shamar Hardin (Day In Day Out), Malik Gasper (Chris Ward), Jack Cramer (PHD), Kaiden Robinson (Next Play), Gavin Reichner (PA Royals), Justin Chandler (Team Maryland), Shazier Bethesda (PA Flight)