Top Ten of 2014 Announced

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, December 20th, 2010

Top Ten of 2014 Announced

Ranking freshmen is almost impossible. 

If we were simply sorting out who the best players are as of today it would be a much easier task, but because we are attempting to measure who will be the better prospect in three plus years there are simply too many variables. 

While there are signs and indicators of one’s potential there is no fail safe way to know who will grow and who will not, who will work to develop their skill set and who won’t, and who will stay on the straight and narrow and who will stumble from distractions. 

Ultimately, with still so much yet to be determined and proven, most national media outlets won’t even begin to rank players until they reach their sophomore year.  But we wanted to give an early look at some of the freshmen with the most potential and so today we publish our first set of rankings in the class of 2014 with New England’s top ten freshmen. 

Number one should come as no surprise as he is far from a new name.  In fact, this is actually his third year playing against high school competition after making the high school team as an eighth grader at O’Bryant High School and then repeating his freshmen year after transferring to Tilton.  Wayne Selden has taken his game to new levels in the last six months, taking his game to the perimeter on a full time basis with an improved skill set and more explosion distributed throughout his total game. 

St. Mark’s terrific tandem of freshmen comes in at two and three respectively.  Kevin Zabo had a debut that few will ever forget, making a big splash at the National Prep Showcase and intriguing handfuls of college coaches and national media outlets in the process.  Jarred Reuter has missed the beginning of the season with injury but his talents are well known after an absolutely dominant middle school career that saw him gain early experience on the major stages of the summer circuit. 

Connecticut native Jared Wilson-Frame comes in at six as the Windsor swingman has the body, size, and raw skill to develop into a great prospect down the road.  Fifth ranked Chris McCullough has similar potential in 2014 after repeating his freshmen year at Salisbury as his length, athleticism, mobility, and emerging ball skills make him very intriguing. 

Milton Academy’s Alec Brennan has also been on the shelf with injury but after having broken out on last year’s AAU scene, he looks like the early favorite to be this class’ most skilled big man.  Lawrence Academy’s Johnnie Vassar is next.  Coming off an appearance on the Team USA Development Team, Vassar is a southpaw point guard who has become much more explosive within the last year and has a potentially very bright future in front of him. 

Eighth ranked Aaron Falzon has tremendous upside in his own right.  He has a combination of size and skill that is incredibly rare for a young big man, but what we like best about him is his willingness to take on all comers and seek out opportunities to play against tough competition. 

Rounding out the top ten is Milton High School’s Jeremy Miller, a big man who is still very young and equally raw but has undeniable potential, and Capital Prep’s Levy Gillespie Jr., a big point guard with size, vision, and instinctive playmaking ability.