Talented Quartet Emerge in Maine’s 2024 Rankings

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Teagan Pelletier  2024

Its not often players in this volume we've seen, leave the state of Maine for prep school. With the Flagg's at Montverde in Florida, JP Estrella at Brewster Academy, and Landon Clarke at St. Paul's, the conversation became "Who is the best player in the state?"  

Reigning Second Team All State player Teagan Pelletier has put together quite the case for the top spot heading into his junior year. A smooth 6'6 wing, Pelletier posesses great instints on the defensive end and is comfortable enough to create for himself offensively. There is not another perimeter player in the state who can match his physical profile, and as he heads into a pivital junior year, we are excited to see his progession.

Kalvin Catchings might be the most well known of the group. After starring at Gardner HS for 3 years, he will head to Bridgton for his senior year and post grad year, thus putting him in the class of 2024. 

There might not be anyone in the state who can stop Yusuf Dakane off the bounce. He has a long way to go physically, but ultimately he's a talented guard with a lot of upside.

It's not too long ago there was a young emerging forward at Scarborough High. After first appearing on our radar at last April's NEHF, Liam Garriepy is definitely a name that college coaches will want to get familiar with. An emerging forward who is still in the infant stages of his development, there is no denying the potential he flashed on both ends of the floor. Look for Liam Garriepy to have a big winter this year.

Attached is a link to the full rankings: https://newenglandrecruitingreport.com/rankings/maine-2024-rankings

Stay tuned for later this week as we continue to release our initial 2024 Rankings