#S16 Standouts

By Dylan Thayer | Friday, June 2nd, 2023

#S16 Standouts

An action packed Super 16 on Memorial Day weekend took place in Connecticut this weekend.
175 teams from all around New England came out to stake their claim for the Super 16
championship in their respective brackets. Here are some of the guys who caught our attention
over the weekend...

Avery Sutton (WeR1 New England) - The point guard was a major factor in WeR1 taking home
the Super 16 10th grade trophy. He was a threat to score from all over the court, but also read
the defense well to find open teammates. Knocked down multiple tough shots off the dribble.

Abdul Rahim (Team Takeoff) - Rahim is a lengthy forward with intriguing potential. Towered over
opposing defenders and uses his size to control the glass on both ends of the floor. Made a
handful of blocks on drives to the basket and held down the paint. Keep an eye on him at
Redemption Christian in the upcoming years.

Isaiah Langham (Mass Rivals) - The big guard had a good weekend as a contributor to the
Mass Rivals championship on Sunday. He kept defenders on their toes with his shifty handle, as
well as finding teammates for scores. Scored from all three levels highlighted by his bounce at
the rim for powerful dunks.

Jayden Watkins (Crown) - Watkins flies all around the court on both ends of the floor and is the
energizer for his team. Has innate passing vision to find open teammates and creates space
with his tight handle. Scored the rock off numerous drives past defenders and drew contact.

Troy Santos (BCRI) - Santos lit it up for BCRI this weekend hitting a number of shots from long
range. The point guard can score it from all over and has a good handle to create space from
defenders. Helped BCRI to a 2-0 showing on the weekend.

Ajay Lopes (L.I.T.) - Lopes is a smaller guard but his presence is massive on the court as the
lead facilitator for his team. He can score from all over, but slips past defenders with his quick
first step towards the bucket. High motor player that flies all around the court. He led his team to
a championship victory in their bracket this weekend.

Odin Malz (Mass Elite) - The athletic forward is a dominant player out of the post and has good
touch on shots around the cup. Has a high motor, gets out in transition quickly and finishes as a
rim-runner. Had some finishes powerfully at the rim for dunks.

Sam Fleming (BABC) - Fleming is a very long wing that has shown some promising glimpses as
a lead guard. Has a great passing ability due to his vision to find open teammates and throw a
quick pass their way. The southpaw also used his length to get around defenders near the