Phones Ring for Class of 2022

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Chisom Okpara 2022

Monday, June 15th was the first day that college coaches were permitted to contact perspective student athletes in the class of 2022 directly, and that meant phones were ringing and text messages were beeping. 

While the interest and offers can be intoxicating for your prospects. It is crucial that they are kept in perspective. 

Different college coaching staffs have different philosophies when it comes to offers, but most don't consider them to be anywhere near as tangible or concrete as they are often. 

Click here to read an ESPN article about what an offer means from the perspective of a college coach. 

Nevertheless, Monday was still an exciting day for a number of young prospects, so here's a list of offers that were collected in the first 24 hours: 

Donovan Clingan: Michigan State, Rutgers, Notre Dame
Alex Karaban: BC, Bryant
Dasonte Bowen: Brown, Penn State, Bryant
Kyle Filipowski: Marquette, BC, Virginia Tech, Maryland
Chisom Okpara: Iona, Brown, Bryant, Howard, Ole Miss
Kyle Hicks: Rutgers, Bryant
TJ Power: Holy Cross
Bube Momah: Bryant
Preston Murphy Jr: Bryant
Abdullah Mahamed: Bryant
Will Batchelder: Bryant
Josh Morissette: Brown
Aidan Cammann: Merrimack
Mason Jackson: Bryant
Brady Cummins: New Hampshire
Keyshawn Mitchell: UMass
Dion Brown: Bryant