Northeast Hoops Festival – Saturday Recap III

New England Recruiting Report | Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Northeast Hoops Festival – Saturday Recap III

Frank Massey, Westchester Hawks, 2013 – A freshman at St. Joe’s of Trumbull, Massey impressed on Saturday afternoon as a bulldozer guard who overpowers defenders with a strong, thick frame and the first step to match. 

Sam Donahue, Rhode Island Hawks, 2012 – The shot maker from Connecticut stepped up for the Rhode Island Hawks, connecting on five three-pointers against the Rising Stars and setting the tone for his team from the perimeter. 

Tommy Carpenter, Rhode Island Hawks, 2012 – He has grown into his body since last summer while still showing the same innate feel for the game and a tremendous overall understanding of how to play the game.  He had 16 points vs. the Rising Stars. 

Jamil Ebo, Connecticut Gold, 2010 – Set to graduate from K-O this spring, Ebo is rumored to be headed to prep school next year and he showed why he would be a great addition for the just about anyone as his freakish athleticism enabled him to consistently dunk in traffic throughout his game. 

Taylor Rioux, Connecticut Gold, 2011 – Rioux has made notable improvements since the fall, boasting a significantly strengthened frame as well as a slashing game with very efficient economy of motion.  

Herbito Rodriguez, Dunbar Mavericks, 2012 – A creative point guard with a great handle, Rodriguez has a lot of spunk to his game.  He was able to generate shots for himself and others while also showing a consistent shooting stroke from the perimeter. 

Sean McClung, Granite State Jayhawks, 2011 – He was extremely active in the Jayhawks’ press and scored 20 first half points by virtue of getting steals or deflections and consequent lay-ups in transition.  McClung also threw in a couple of threes for good measure. 

Connor Green, Granite State Jayhawks, 2011 – Green scored 15 points against Mass Premier, primarily by going to the basket.  He attacks the rim with reckless abandon, plowing over defenders in his path, and finishing through contact. 

Evan Tullar, Lone Wolf, 2011 – He set the tone against CBC by opening the game with a powerful dunk in transition.  Tullar continued to be his team’s most consistent offensive weapon throughout the game and a bright spot in the loss. 

Tyler McFarland, MBR, 2011 – A rugged and hardworking player who has gotten himself into phenomenal shape, McFarland simply plays harder for longer than everyone else on the floor.  He also has an improved perimeter skill set with a great rip through move driving to his left. 

Indiana Faithful, MBR, 2011 – He was face-guarded for the entire second half of the game but nonetheless was the dominant player on the floor.  He drilled three three-pointers, dispelling rumors of a shaky jumper, while making his normal array of terrific passes including a lefty wrap-around pass from the paint to the opposite corner for an open three-pointer for his teammate. 

Cam Shorey, MBR, 2011 – Similar to McFarland, Shorey has expanded his skill set on the perimeter.  An absolute beast on the interior with his powerful frame, Shorey knocked down four three-pointers on the day to boost. 

Cedric Kuakumensah, Mass Rivals, 2011 – It wasn’t necessarily the numbers he put up but some of the tools he showed as his frame has expanded and strengthened significantly, his interior footwork really evolved, and his low post game expanded. 

Naadir Tharpe, New England Playaz, 2011 – The maestro of the New England Playaz, Tharpe led his team to two easy wins on Saturday, spreading the ball around and getting everyone involved in the offense from start to finish. 

Keegan Hyland, New England Playaz, 2010 – One of the first times we’ve seen Hyland on the floor in recent months, Hyland looked rusty early but gradually got into the groove in the second game as he finished a variety of reverse lay-ups and even started to make a couple of shots. 

Zach Auguste, Mass Rivals, 2011 – His tools were as easily apparent as anyone’s as he has as much sheer potential as anyone in the field, if Auguste can develop the killer instinct to dominate there will be no holding him back. 

Joe Mussachia, Mass Rivals, 2011 – The Manchester Essex product had 15 points vs. New England Select, but it was the last three that were the most important as he showed a rugged interior game before burying the late trifecta in overtime. 

Dan Brooks, Boston Warriors, 2010 – Brooks showed his normal combination of strength and athleticism in slashing to the basket but also showed an improved ability to step to the perimeter and make shots as well as an under-appreciated feel for the game.  

Eric Green, New England Playaz, 2012 – Green had a statement game and a statement play.  It began with an explosive put-dunk off an Evan Cummins miss, but on the whole it was a well balanced and extremely efficient all around game.