New England’s Top Ten in 2013

New England Recruiting Report | Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

New England’s Top Ten in 2013

As we said yesterday, rankings freshmen is a tricky business as you have to balance not just what they are doing right now but what they are capable of doing down the road.  While ranking players in any age bracket is an inexact science, ranking young players is even more of a slippery slope, and the bottom line for any of these young players is that these lists are bound to expand and shuffle constantly over the next four years. 

With that in mind here is our debut list of the top ten prospects in 2013:

1 - Kuran Iverson, Northwest Catholic High School (CT):  He's six-foot-eight and he's a legit guard.  He has as much long term potential as any young player we've seen in the last few years with size, length, athleticism, skills, and feel.

2 - Goodluck Okonoboh, Tilton School (NH):  Like Iverson, he's good enough right now to be dominant among his peers but also gifted enough to have a very high ceiling down the road. 

3 - Rene Castro, Beaver Country Day School (MA):  There may not be another freshman who is producing more right now as Castro has been putting up huge numbers as a repeat ninth grader at BCD. 

4 - Noah Vonleh, Haverhill High School (MA):  He's already good enough to put up big numbers in the MIAA but he's only beginning to scratch the surface of his potential.  Trust us he's a stud in the making.   

5 - Wayne Selden, O'Bryant School of Math & Sciences (MA):  Physically dominant right now with strong drives and explosive finishes.  If he can maintain that over the years he'll move up this list. 

6 - Jaquille Taylor, Camridge Rindge & Latin (MA):  He may not have the impact right now of some of these other guys but his long term potential is as high as anyone.  He's not so different than Drummond or Noel were early. 

7 - Kahlil Dukes, Capitol Prep (CT):  He is one of the top scorers in the CIAC as just a freshman and on pace to have an absolutely incredible four year career. 

8 - Cornelius Tyson, Springfield Central High School (MA):  We expect him to move up this list as he gets more opportunities to demonstrate his talent.  He's the best pure point guard in the class that we've seen. 

9 - Kaleb Joseph, Nashua South High School (NH):  Extremely skilled with a long and lanky build, he obviously has plenty of growing and filling out left to do.  Already putting up big numbers in the NHIAA. 

10 - Jake Fay, Brimmer & May (MA):  Could have gone a couple of different ways in the tenth spot but we've been impressed by what the repeat freshman has been able to do at Brimmer & May this year.