New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Quandarious 'Quan' Roberson - 6'3 F - 2016 - Taunton, MA - Expressions Elite - Beast forward with high-level athletic ability.  He had to leave early, so we didn't get a long look at him compete in the open-scrimmage sessions, but nonetheless, in just going through full-court drills and skill stations, Quan was very impressive at the 75.  Smooth body movement, runs the floor hard, a monster on the boards, and scores the ball with a soft touch around the basket.  As he continues to grow, develops his skill-set, and betters his understanding of the game, Roberson is a talented athlete who has the potential to develop into a premium prospect on both the hardwood and the gridiron. Q-Rob will rock with Kaheem Campbell and Greg Fernando on the Expressions Elite 2016 Front-line.

Noah Gray - 6'0 F - 2017 - Gardner, MA - Mass Elite - Junk Yard Dog forward with a warrior mentality and a blossoming skill-set.  Competes tenaciously all over the floor and shuns no aspect of the game, applying as much attention and detail to the blue-collar aspects of the job as he does the caviar facets.  As he continue to grow and develop his game, Gray has serious potential to develop into a hammer n' nails combo prospect in New England's 2017 Class. He'll run with Eric Polli's up and coming Mass Elite 2017  Squad this spring.

Kendall Baldwin - 5'10 G - 2016 - Springfield, MA - Rivals - Smooth back-court operator who's as slippery as a seal off the bounce, infiltrating key-hole creases in the defense like a circus-contortionist through a warp zone before delving into his bag of trick scoring game in the lane. Terrific in transition with his deceptive burst and fighter-pilot court awareness/vision.  Need a better look at his shooting stroke and range, but with his natural, instinctive ability, as he develops physically and gets stronger, KB is a 2016 guard with a chance to be a top Class of 2016 back-court player.  He'll roll with Andre Stewart's 8th Grade Rivals Squad this Spring.

Matt Craig - 6'0 F - 2016 - Dartmouth, MA - Expressions Elite - Versatile perimeter player who attacks the basket from the wing with both the right and left hand dribble attack.  Shoots the ball well from the mid-range and has the tools to efficiently extend his range beyond the stripe.  Craig plays high-IQ ball, understanding how to space the floor and facilitate for his teammates and also excelling at feeding the post.  As he tightens up his stroke, extends his range, and develops his foot speed, Craig's a guy with a the potential to develop into a versatile back-court or wing prospect a little ways down the line. This spring, Craig will roll with Sean Floyd's 2016 Expressions Elite Squad.

Cole Swider - 5'6 G - 2017 - Portsmouth, RI - RI Hawks - Talented young gunner with a sweet shooting stroke and a terrific feel for the game.  Squares his shoulders from the behind the arc and lets it fly like Naismith intended.  Strong ball-handler with the potential to develop into a dangerous pilot off the bounce as he grows and gets stronger.  Really sees the floor well and sets up teammates for goodie-bags like the rich kid who lives up on the hill.  Still just a young cub, with his talent and passion for the game, Cole Swager has the potential to develop into a coveted 2017 Ocean State Guard.  Cole with run with Jay Elliot's 7th grade RI Hawks Squad this spring.

Wabissa ' Momo' Bede - 5'6 PG - 2016 - North Andover, MA - VBC - Wine and Dine floor general who controls the tempo of the game between the foul lines.  Runs the fast-break like a quarterback, keeping his eyes up and looking eyes to advance the ball ahead up the court to a streaking teammate.  Good ball-handler with nice quickness off the bounce.  Looks to attack with the dribble and dish out dimes.  Need a closer look at his shooting stroke, his pull up game, and his ability to finish at the basket.  As he gets stronger and continues to develop his his game, Bede looks like a nice 2016 point guard prospect in the 2016 Class.  Momo will team with Saul Phiri in the backcourt of Julian Taylor's 2016 VBC Squad this spring.

Jahari Boone - 5'6 G - '17 - Brockton, MA - MABC + Brockton Mavericks - Talented young guard who can really scoot.  Combines a lullaby change of pace game with his explosive change of direction ability to penetrate with the dribble and create or score the ball.  Uses a stop and go flavor in the half court, dictating the relationship between himself and the defender like an SEC wide receiver running routes on a D3 corner.  Smooth shooting stroke, can shoot it with range...has the potential to develop a sweet pull-up game as he grows and gets stronger.   Young operator with a chance to rise to the top floor of New England's 2017 back-court class.  Boone will run with both MABC and the Brockton Mavericks on the circuit this spring.

Kirk Augustus - 5'10 G - 2016 - Springfield, MA - Rivals -  Powerful, jet-engine guard with explosive speed and real-deal scoring ability. Employs a Will Bynum style of attack off the dribble, pushing the basketball up the floor in transition and looking to exploit any crease in the retreating defense like a jaguar closing in on it's prey.  High-level athletic ability and hypnotizing slow-motion in-air body control.  As he grows, improves his shooting stroke and his left hand, and furthers his understanding of the game, Augustus is in early on New England's Class of 2017 Back-Court Prospect Watch.  Kirk will roll with Andre Stewart's 2016 Rivals Squad this spring.

Julius McKinistry - 5'10 G - 2016 - Springfield, MA - Rivals - Hide n' Seek guard with a versatile back-court skill-set; smooth, effortless body movement, glides from spot to spot in the open floor before closing in on the basket with a juke and jive attack.  Has a nice shooting stroke and hordes of ball-handling ability.  Understands the game and with the combination of his length and quickness, Julius has the tool be a a hounding on-ball defender.  As he fine tunes his skill-set and develops an attack-mode mind set, McKinistry is yet another talented young guard at the 75 with a chance for a journey on the Yellow Brick Road.  McKinistry will float with Andre Stewart's 2016 Rivals Squad this spring.

Aurdric Sandoval - 5'7 G - 2017 -Fay School - VBC - Shifty point guard with jets who handles the ball well and knows how to manage the game.  Impressive court vision, looks to attack with the dribble and create.  Good decision maker with the ball in his hands, knows how to get his teammates the ball where they like it.  Does a nice job of keeping his dribble alive and creating space between himself and the defender before pressing reset and  commencing a second-wave dribble drive attack.  Hard-nosed competitor who finds a way to score the ball in the lane.  Need a better look at his shooting stroke and his pull-up game. As Sandoval develops physically, his ability and approach make him a contender in the 2017 Back-Court Marathon.  Sandoval will be rollin' with Julian Taylor's VBC program this spring.