NERR-TV Virtual Frosh/Soph Showcase - Khalil Carlson

Monday, October 26th, 2020

NERR-TV Virtual Frosh/Soph Showcase - Khalil Carlson

Monument High School freshman Khalil Carlson is an intriguing long-term prospect to watch and the latest to be featured in the #E75 Frosh/Soph Virtual Showcase. 

As a 6-foot-3 14-year-old, Carlson has often been the biggest player on the floor thus far in his basketball development, but he's had the good fortune to be developed at multiple positions. 

He's equally well-versed off the floor as he plays the trombone in the school band and has become active in 'Talk About It' an activism organization for students of color on his campus, all while distinguishing himself in the classroom. 

Prospect Profile

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 170
Hometown: Housatonic, MA
School: Monument Mountain
AAU: WMASS Hoop Stars

By the Numbers

Academics: 3.85 (ranked #2 in 8th grade class)
2020 AAU Stats: 12ppg, 10.3rpg, 3.3bpg, 1.4apg, 1.0spg
2019-20 Travel Stats: 26 games, 19.5ppg, 10.6rpg, 2.0bpg, 1.8apg, 2.4spg, 
2019-20 8th Grade House League Stats: 10 games, 36.5ppg, 18.2rpg, 3.3 rpg, 4.7apg, 2.7spg

Personal Statement

I simply love the game of basketball, it makes up who I am, it is everything I am about. What I feel my biggest strength is my high basketball IQ. I have a real understanding for the game, and have had fantastic coaching my whole career. Other aspects of my game are my elite athleticism and endless motor.  At 6'3" and 170 lbs, I have the size, strength, length and skills to excel. As a 14 year old freshman (3/21/06), I believe I will only continue to mature in both body and skill. I still play soccer, and feel as though that footwork and endurance have really helped my basketball game. Lastly, is my versatility. I have played point guard on my House Team for the past three seasons, those opportunities have helped me hone my ball handling and playmaking abilities immensely. On my Travel Team I usually play the 4 or 5 and on my current AAU team I play the 3. I usually draw the team's best offensive player on defense, and welcome the challenge.


"As a player and a coach in the Housatonic Youth League Basketball program for 20+ years I have seen very few if any like Khalil! He is a natural born leader. He is that special kind of good where he knows he's the best player on the court but his attitude does not reflect that. He lets his play do the talking and he leads by example. He does whatever the team needs, no questions asked, whether he was playing point guard or center he never stops trying to improve his game and the game of everyone around him. He prides himself on shutting down the other teams best player and most of the time he was successful. He was always one of the first in and the last out, practice or games. He knows that being a leader is much more than what you do on the basketball court and at his age that is a breath of fresh air. He literally never stops. His conditioning and hustle were enough to make my jaw drop on many occasions. He makes things look easy, effortless. He put our team on his back time and time again. There was no doubt in anybody's mind where the ball was going when we needed a basket and he thrived in those situations, whether he found his way to the hoop or drew a double team to free up a teammate, there was never any doubt in our minds or more importantly his mind. Watching him grow as a player/young man over the past few years is why we all do what we do. 
- Trevor Finkle, Coach, Housatonic House League

"Khalil has proven to be one of the most talented players at his age on both ends of the court in our region, and I'm sure countless other coaches would agree. While Khalil is a gifted athlete, what makes him particularly special is his dedication and strong work ethic. He always comes to practice prepared and takes great pride in working hard and continuing to get better. His focus on personal growth paid off as he led our team in multiple offensive and defensive categories the past few years. Khalil's work ethic, coupled with his high basketball IQ and internal drive to get better make him an excellent candidate for future basketball and academic programs. In addition, Khalil has proven himself to be an excellent leader and teammate. His smile, positive attitude, drive for excellence, competitiveness, and work ethic is contagious. Because of this, everyone on his teams competes at a higher level. This gift of driving others is the highest quality of character. I have also found Khalil to be very mature for his age and incredibly responsible to his coaches and adults in our programs." 
- Patrick J. Hanavan, President, Housatonic Youth Basketball

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