Hurley Kids Camp - Event Recap

NERR Junior Elite Division | Monday, August 17th, 2009

Hurley Kids Camp - Event Recap

Over 75 boys and girls ranging from grades 3-8 benefited from the teachings of Hurley’s legendary career.  Special guest speakers included The Shot Doctor, former Celtics player trainers and NBA players.

Campers were given the extremely generous package of top line basketball sneakers, a brand new custom made ball and a t-shirt. Campers and parents were very happy with the success of the event and look ahead to doing it all over again next year. 

Because the emphasis of the camp was on learning and development, we have opted to include the names of all campers as opposed to highlighting just a few individual performances. 

Caroline Aborn
Peter Allen
Katherine Allen
Victor Alvarez
Mark Anderson
Emeka Asia
Osato Asia
James Baram
Anthony Barry
Stephen Basden
Matthew Brown
Michael Burke
Tyler Cannon
Tim Cannon
Chauncy Cheek
Nathan Cohen
Ernie Depradine
Dylan Dimmanno
Barry Ebua
Victor Udooji
Kent Ellertson
Sean Fontes
Anthony Forbes
Brendan Gallivan
Jennifer Gemma
Kellen Grady
Jamir Henderson
Fred Hogan
Nick Jacobs
Andrew Julian
Emily Lenane
Justin Mack
Shamus MacNeil
Jamal Mattews
Tyler McFadden
Ju'Quan Mills
Cassadra Mitchell
Bumi Muhammed
Garrett Mullen
Tristin Mullen
Drew Myers
Devante Myers
Manny Navarro
Malik Okafor
Esedsa Okunmwendaa
Sultan Olusekun
Billy Phang
Owen Regan
Liam Regan
Nicki Regan
Connor Riggle
Bethany Russel
Romaine Sanchez
Robbie Sklar
Ava Small
Jeff Spellman
Earl Stephen
Alexander Stoddard
Alvorado Stoddard
Zachary Sweet
Israel Thorpe
Kelly Wagner
Austin Ward
Kevin Williams
Andrew Wink
Jared Zimiroski
Zachary Zimiroski
Deandra Woumn
Monte Wolfe
Junior Goddrey
Ronnie Williams
Amani Santos
Shaq Davis
Damian Smith