Hoop Mountain Spring Classic - Recap

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Hoop Mountain Spring Classic - Recap

Top prospects from the North East gathered at Wheaton College, to play in front of an impressive crowd of division 3 and prep school coaches. The guard heavy field was saturated with talent, and a few specific players were able to distinguish themselves as elite level athletes. The Spring Classic, held by Hoop Mountain, has previously been host to some of the best players in New England, and the 2015 event was no different.  

The Best:

Elijah Lewis (Hope High School, 2016) – The long lefty guard from Rhode Island separated himself as one of the most talented players on the court tonight. He especially excels in the open court, by either finishing consistently above the rim or by creating easy opportunities for his teammates on the fast break. His superior athleticism is complemented by a solid jump shot and a motor that other guards his size could not maintain.

Rasheed Bell (East Boston High School, 2015) – Arguably the most impactful player on both ends of the floor, Bell simply puts the ball in the basket and gets defensive stops. He uses his size to dominate the offensive and defensive glass, which he converts into easy layups and fast break opportunities. The 6’4” senior from Boston proved that he would no doubt be a threat at the collegiate level due to his efficiency and skill set.

Jonathan Cenescar (Cambridge Ridge and Latin) - Cenescar should be a scholarship level player by the time he graduates high school. He may very well have been the most athletically gifted player in tonight’s showcase, and he’s only a freshman. Although his skill set is slightly raw, his shear size and explosiveness allows him to dominate players three years his senior. Lambert displayed flashes of a fluid jumper, while continuously cleaning all the rebounds that came within his vicinity. The talented freshman will be very excited to watch as his skill set evolves to match his athletic ability.

Stephen Bouyer (Brighton High School, 2016) – Honors of tonight’s best point guard could be highly disputed between previously mentioned Lewis and Stephen Bouyer. The 6’0” junior from Brighton High School showed the on looking coaches his consistent midrange jump shot along with an unsuspected ability to crash the offensive glass. When Bouyer wasn’t tormenting his defender with his tight handle, he was finishing well above the rim or knocking down long three-pointers.

Monte Lambert (James Madison High School, 2015) – The New York native easily distinguished himself as the most competitive player. From diving on the floor to guarding the most talented player on the other team, Lambert proved himself as an intangible player that prep school and college coaches should seriously consider. Opposing teams also have to worry about his improving jump shot that supplements his effort on the defensive end of the court.

Malcolm Moye (Capital Prep High School, 2016) – Long, tall, and thin would be the most accurate way to describe Moye’s physical appearance. His game, however does not match is 6’5” frame. Moye poured in deep threes and tightly contested jump shots all night. When he wasn’t hitting difficult shots, he was dunking the ball and finishing well around the rim. The junior from Windsor, CT is a tough matchup for defenders because of his high shot percentage and his dominance inside the paint.

Garret Dinataman (Winchendon) – Plays as a slasher who is more comfortable going to the rim. He does have a midrange game but his biggest threat is his ability to get to the rim, especially in transition. Dinataman’s competitiveness is similar to the previously mentioned Lambert. This shows in his defense and his rebounding ability. The 6’5” wing is also unrelatedly athletic as he made a very difficult dunk in the first round of games.

Charles Chung (LaSalle High School, 2016) – At only 16 years old, Chung should actually be a sophomore. His age made no difference because he was undoubtedly among the top point guards. Chung has quick handles that allow him to get a step on the defender. After getting into the paint he has shown the ability to score with either hand, or to find an open teammate.

Justin Houck (Berne Knox Westerlow, 2016) – Similar to Chung, Houck excels when finishing with either hand. Houck differs from Chung in that he has more success in the transition where Hung prefers to isolate his defender. He stands at 5’10” but his finishing percentage is that of someone much taller because of his ability to weave through defenders in transition.

Ben Holding (Dartmouth, 2016) – The 6’6” big man from Dartmouth High School is a match up problem for any defender. He’s skilled with his back to the basketball, and also shoots a high percentage from 15-18 feet. Holding also impressed with his basketball I.Q. and lack of turnovers.

TreVon Betts (Boston Trinity, 2015) – The heady point guard established himself as an intelligent guard who was able to make efficient decisions play after play. Betts particularly thrives when playing off screens. He shoots well enough to step behind the screen to knock down long threes, and can also penetrate when tightly defended. Some players his age play with emotions that can directly effects their production on the court. Betts has a calm demeanor, which translates to his consistent performance.

Other Notable Performances:

Tevin Charles (Cambridge Ridge and Latin, 2016) – Very dangerous attacking the rim and breaking his man down for easy assists.

DeVonte Cooper (CRL, 2016) – Don’t let his size fool you, Cooper can pour in threes. He doesn’t force shots and shoots a very high percentage. Him and Lewis went back and forth one game when Cooper hit three straight threes. In addition to his shot making capability, his skill set and decision more than makes up for his height.

Justin Guerette (Cape Elizabeth, 2016) – One of the only players who consistently communicated on defense. His game shows a level a maturity that isn’t common among high school players.

Miguel Priteo (Juanita Sanchez  High School, 2016) – Priteo showed flashes of serious talent. He’s most comfortable with the ball in his hands, which became evident as he tortured defenders and created openings for his teammates.

Konrad Sashin (Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, 2015) – The 7’1” senior displayed flashes of potential with his soft touch. Still slightly raw, Sashin could develop into a dominant force if he continues to expand his skill set.