Griffiths, Kante sit atop CT 2023 rankings

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Griffiths, Kante sit atop CT 2023 rankings

Over the course of the last week we've rolled out 2023 rankings in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine. 

Today, comes the state of Connecticut where there are two prospects who are currently head-and-shoulders above the field when it comes to projecting out their long-term potential. 

The first is Kingswood-Oxford wing Gavin Griffiths, who has an unmatched combination of size and skill, and the recent ascension to prove it, both in terms of his recruitment and national recognition. 

The second is South Kent big man Papa Kante, who is now beginning his second season in the region. Kante's talent and upside was immediately noticeable upon his arrival and all he's done since is continue to improve and expand his game. 

The third spot is where it starts to get competitive. Putnam Science Academy guard Darryl Simmons is both the smallest player on this list and also probably the most talented with the ball. He put on a show in the E16 this summer and plays his way up the list because of it. 

Marianapolis Prep forward Jack Margoupis is still flying a bit under the radar, but it should be only a matter of time before he makes a big name for himself given his skill-set at his size. 

Brandon McCreesh, a player who became familiar with on the Be Seen Tour last year, cracks the top five after picking up several early D1 offers this summer. 

Other names to know in Connecticut's 2023 class include Muazibini Jabal Adamu from Putnam Science, Jason James from Westminster, Will Lobor from We Believe Academy, and Will Groot from the Hotchkiss School. 

Those and more are included in the full Connecticut 2023 rankings