Elite Sports Open Gym - Event Recap

New England Recruiting Report | Friday, October 14th, 2011

Elite Sports Open Gym - Event Recap

Elite Sports and Jay Riccitelli held their annual fall Open Gym on Thursday night, providing 25 college prospects with the opportunity to play in front of over 25 division II and III college coaches.

The event was headlined by Kuran Iverson, Kahari Beaufort, Luciano Martinez, Kahlil Dukes, Levy Gillespie Jr., and others.

Kuran Iverson - Northwest Catholic 2013 – Was the top prospect on the court, impressing everyone in the gym with his ball-handling skills and incredible offensive skills.  The first two quarters of play he brought the ball up the floor, penetrated, and found teammates in scoring position time and time again.  The last two quarters of play Iverson decided he wanted to score and did so almost every time he touched the ball including 4 or 5 monstrous dunks.

Kahari Beaufort – East Hartford HS 2014 – Looked like the best player in the gym at times showing off an explosive offensive array of skill and athleticism.  He took the ball to the rack and finished at the rim on multiple occasions and hit from the perimeter consistently including several deep 3’s.

Luciano Martinez – University High School 2012 – just showed on the radar this fall had college coaches spinning as he showed off an array of strong moves and finishes to the basket and outside perimeter shooting.  His high motor and explosive play had everyone in the gym talking.

Kahlil Dukes – Capital Prep 2013 – was the quickest guard in the gym slashing to the basket looking like a blur. He scored in bunches around the basket and forced the temp of the game while he was on the floor.

Kadian Hall – University High School – impressed coaches with his consistent perimeter shooting and slashing ability in the paint.  He hit 5 three’s in a row at one point.

Levy Gillespie – Capital Prep 2014 – was one of the top players on the floor each time his team was on.  He pushed the ball up the floor and found teammates for a score.  He shot the ball from deep hitting several times.

Billy McDonald – West Haven High School 2012 – showed off athleticism around the basket finishing above the rim.  He handled the ball well from the wing and hit several outside shots.

Here’s a look at other players who impressed on Thursday:

Tyrell Henderson – University High School 2012 – fast athletic point guard that shot the ball well and finished around the hoop.

ZaShawn Duncan – Capital Prep 2012 – fast guard the can shoot from the perimeter and find open team mates with sharp passes.

Jaquann Starks – Classical Magnet 2012 – extremely quick guard that can create his own shot off the dribble.
Jerrell Smith – University High School 2013 – fast and incredibly athletic point guard that elevates above the rim to finish off his drives.

Tim Smith – Career High School 2012 – big athletic guard that can score in bunches from 20 ft in.

Jason Turner – University High School 2013 – strong athletic guard that can score driving to the basket or with a consistent pull up.

Austin Carter – Master’s Prep 2013 – big wing that can score by slashing to the basket

Najee Duncan – University High School 2012 – aggressive wing that plays bigger then he is scoring inside and out.

Ebrahaim Jallow – Hartford High School 2012 – big 6’7 frame with good footwork and nice drop step spin moves that he used to create space and finish at the basket several times.

Chris Watts Jr – Kennedy High School 2013 – long wing that has an improved outside shot and rebounds well.

DeWayne Wynn – Capital Prep 2012 – small forward that finishes strong in the paint and plays defense with a high motor.

Underclassmen that stood out:

Michael Gilliam – University High School 2014 – shooting guard that can run the floor and hit from the perimiter.

Tarchee Brown – Hartford High School 2014 – quick guard that slashed to the basketball finishing strong

Jaqhawn Walters – University High School 2014 – big wing/forward that can finish inside or step outside and hit from behind the arc.

Play of the night:

Kahari Beaufort caught a one handed alley up dunk in a half court set thrown by Levy Gillespie Jr from behind the three point line.