Elite 75 Frosh/Soph – 2014 Frontcourt

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, September 19th, 2011

Elite 75 Frosh/Soph – 2014 Frontcourt

Each and every year there are a handful of prospects that turn heads at the New England Elite 75 Showcase – Frosh/Soph Edition.  This year no one did that more than Jacquil Taylor who showed he is ready to assert himself as one of the top prospects in the class of 2014. 

Taylor put on a show at the defensive end of the floor, turning away shots at a rapid rate and rotating from a wide radius to protect the rim.  There was a five minute stretch when he seemed to block just about everything while also getting going on the offensive end as well.  The Beaver Country Day big man scored over top of defenders in the post and also made good use of a quick baseline spin to consistently put points on the board. 

While Taylor’s performance was the most impressive, there were a variety of other big men who showed well on Saturday. 

Top Prospects

Paschal Chukwu, Trinity Catholic (CT) – As talented of a physical prospect as there was at the event, Chukwu is a seven-footer with tremendous length and mobility.  He changes the game defensively, blocking and altering a variety of shots, and showed a soft touch all the way out to 12 feet.  He has a chance to be very special down the road. 

Matt Cimino, Worcester Academy (MA) – The premier stretch four-man in the sophomore division, Cimino consistently extended defenses to the three-point line with his shooting range, worked the pick and pop action, and did his best to battle for rebounds inside. 

It’s All About Production

Bobby Ahearn, Marianapolis (CT) – It was a good day for the Marianapolis sophomore as he brought his lunch pail and hard hat to go to work.  He played hard 100% of the time, showed off an inside-out skill set, as well as his improved athleticism with one of the day’s top dunks. 

Mike Auger, New Hampton (NH) – Another guy who battled all day long, Auguer took no prisoners inside the paint while also showing the skill set to step out and shoot the ball on occasion while also pounding out defensive rebounds. 

Bonzie Colson, St. Andrew’s (RI) – He does a little bit of everything and a lot of the little things.  He gives a great effort, shares the ball, scores second chance points, and provides a frontcourt player who can provide a facilitating presence. 

Malcolm Martin, New Mission (MA) – A mountain of a man who throws his body around and bullies people in the paint, Martin was a dominant physical presence he proved he belonged, snatched loose balls away from others, and even ran the floor. 

New Prospects

Josh Sharma, Lexington – He was a virtual unknown on Friday and had the gym buzzing a day later.  He’s six-foot-nine, long, and relatively skilled with the potential to improve by leaps and bounds in the coming years.  Definitely one of the day’s top discoveries. 

John Madsen, Needham (MA) – He quietly had a very efficient performance on the inside.  With good size and complimenting poise, he operates the painted area to convert crafty finishes and come up with tough rebounds. 

Tyriek McCauley, Worcester Academy (MA) – With a guard oriented team, Worcester was looking for help up front this year and in McCauley they likely found it.  He’s long and athletic with a good build to hold his own physically from day one.  

Catching Our Eye

Chase Daniels, Hillhouse (CT) – He’s big and strong with touch and that was good enough to show some signs of things to come. 

Andrew Cartwright, Nokomis (ME) – His interior skill set wasn’t a surprise but a soft touch that extended beyond the three-point line was definitely noteworthy. 

Obi Momah, Farmington (CT) – He’s a double threat physical presence with length and power, so when his motor gets going there are few who can stand in his way. 

Andrew Kaufmann, Rivers (MA) – Similar to Cimino, Kaufman is also cut from the face-up four cloth and intrigues with his length and touch. 

Colin McManus, Bedford (NH) – His size was virtually unmatched thanks to his solid six-foot-nine build.  He changed the game in the paint and produced around the basket on both ends. 

Michael McDevitt, Greely (ME) – He combines good size with an intriguing interior skill set.  He thinks the game well for a big man, finds ways to score, and also passes well. 

Zach Gilpin, Hampden Academy (ME) – He’s a versatile forward who can produce some inside out.  Most impressive is his motor as he plays bigger than he is around the rim. 

Stevie Roach, Northampton – A physical big man who took on all comers, battling valiantly even when giving up notable size, and not shying away from doing the dirty work.