#E75 Frosh/Soph - Best of the Forwards

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Chisom Okpara 2022

Last weekend’s Elite 75 Frosh/Soph showcased the best young prospects from New England and beyond with over 300 players making their way to either Saturday’s North Session or Sunday’s South session. 

By the time it was all said and done we had seen an incredible amount of young talent come through the doors. The process of recapping all of that talent began this week and will undoubtedly extend into next week as the new regional format allowed us to better evaluate, and ultimately recognize, a wider crop of prospects. 

Today we’ll focus on the forwards where a number of different prospects managed to distinguish themselves: 

Chisom Okpara, Vermont Academy ‘22 - A man among boys in the sophomore class, Okpara is already powerful and able to physically overpower virtually any other underclassmen. He’s also made nice strides with his skill-set though as he can cross you up off the dribble, is starting to show a passing instinct, and working to make the three-ball a more consistent part of his arsenal. 

Alex Karaban, New Hampton ‘22 - The skilled stretch-four-man is one of the most well-known underclassmen in New England and for good reason as he’s built up quite an early resume. Karaban is skilled, has a definite niche with his ability to stretch the floor, and is an evolving athlete who is diversifying his attack, especially around the rim. 

TJ Power, St. John’s Shrewsberry ‘22 - Power broke out at this event last year and returned having added a couple inches to his frame and plenty to his game. He still owns the same inside-out skill-set and is very polished in the mid-post area. He has a motor, passes well, and is a rapidly ascending prospect. 

Kyle Filipowski, Wilbraham & Monson ‘22 - One half of what is very literally a set of twin towers, Kyle may be 6-foot-9 with a strong frame but he’s not strictly a big man. He’s gotten much more mobile in recent months, can play off the bounce some, and has touch both as a finisher at the rim as well as facing up. 

Ayo Sadiku, Our Saviour Lutheran ‘23 - A long and athletic forward who was all over the rims on Sunday, Sadiku was one of the most physically imposing freshmen in the field. He runs the court well, has quick bounce off the floor, and is an explosive finisher. 

JoPaul McKreith, Chicopee ‘22 - A versatile combo-forward who can score the ball inside and out, J.P. has good size at 6-foot-5, a budding strong frame, and athleticism to match. He can create his own shot at multiple ranges and is an early mismatch problem. 

Troy McKoy, Windsor ‘23 - When his motor is running at full throttle he can be an absolute beast. He’s very powerful & capable of going through contact on demand, but he also showed off his versatility by knocking down multiple threes on the day. 

Ryan Kelly, Cardinal O’Hara, ‘22 - An upstate New York native who came south for the opportunity to earn premium exposure, Kelly is another skilled forward with legitimate guard skills. He shoots it very well from behind the arc but also impressed with his versatility, willingness to run the floor, and understanding of how to move without the ball. 

Jean Marc Togodgue, Salisbury '22 - His physical profile, athleticism, and high-motor make an immediate impression but Togodgue, who is the younger brother of former Salisbury and Vermont big man Samuel Dingba, has also grown a couple of inches in the last year and added to his overall game. 

Kyle Squires, Northfield Mount Hermon '22 - Another guy who has continued to grow and make rapid strides with his game in the last year, Squires now stands at 6-foot-7 and has continued to develop his craft from behind the arc. He also mixed in some crafty low-post finishes here and still has a lot of physical upside left to discover. 

NeJohn Fortes, St. George’s ‘23 - A long and active hybrid forward, Fortes has already proven he can impact high-level games, but his game looks like it’s beginning to evolve with increasingly frequent signs of face-up tools and evolving skill. 

TJ Henaghen, Hampden Academy '22 - A stretch-four-man with a lot of range on his upside and clear upside, Henaghen showed a wealth of tools that should be able to transalte to the scholarship level in the coming years. 

Kalu Anya, Governor’s Academy ‘22 - Anya has an intriguing body type with a long and elastic frame to develop in the coming years. He already owns an effective slashing game and can finish at the rim but is just scratching the surface of his potential as he further develops his skill and versatile tools. 

Holden Symonds, Governor’s Academy ‘23 -  Another Governor’s product, Symonds is a repeat freshman who is mature beyond his years. He’s continued to grow and now has great positional size to match a solid skill set, unselfish approach, and sneaky athleticism if given space to elevate. 

Owen Moreira, Rectory ‘23 - Moreira is a reclassified freshman with good size, versatility, and potential. He’s a solid athlete who handles the ball well for his size, is polished in the mid-range area, and also able to create off the bounce with both agility and body control at the rim. 


Sophomores to Watch

Jai White, Hanover - Broad shoulders, strong body, and developing touch and face-up potential. Double-double threat.  

Marvin Musiime-Kamali, Thayer - Two-way player who is active, changes the game defensively, rebounds, and has evolved athletically.

Colby Duggan, Monson - Blue collar approach. Plays hard, likes contact, rebounds, and does a variety of “little things.” 

Tom Considine, Pembroke - A rugged combo-forward who should be an impact player for Pembroke.

Trevor McDonald, Canterbury - Mature floor game and high I.Q. Decision-maker who makes the right play at the right time. 


Freshmen to Watch

Adame Ouertani, Lee Academy - Intriguing first showing saw good size, build, length, and shot-making potential.

Matteo Crisanti, St. Thomas More - Started the break with his dribble, showed some pick-and-pop potential, and was active using his length.

Ethan Robertson, St. Joe’s Prep - Throwback style power forward who produces inside with long and strong build.

Wyatt Greenberg, Wheeler - Fundamentally sound and hard-working guy who is beginning to develop a face-up game to complement his productivity inside.