Best of the 2027 guards pt. 2

NERR Staff | Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Best of the 2027 guards pt. 2

As we conclude our recap on the promising 2027 guards, we're excited to announce that there's more talent to explore in the coming week.
Stay tuned as we release graphics highlighting the best players of all positions in this impressive group of underclassmen, and we talk more about some names we may have missed in our previous coverage. The future of New England basketball is bright, and we thank you all for your continued support.

LaDanion Payne shines when he's tasked with breaking down defenders in isolation plays. His handle is remarkably twitchy, allowing him to maneuver with finesse and exploit even the tightest defensive matchups, thanks to his quick burst of speed. Notably, LaDanion's basketball IQ becomes evident in fast-break situations, where he showcases lightning-speed sprints that keep opponents on their toes. With such promising attributes, there's no doubt that he boasts a high ceiling for further development and success. Catch him with Brimmer & May in the upcoming years. 

Josiah Adamson-Hardwick is a high-energy guard, known for his explosive dunks that showcase his power and athleticism on the court. His skill set also includes being a reliable three-point shooter, opening up the floor for others. He also has impressive blocking instincts and ability to score efficiently at all three levels which make him a well-rounded and impactful player in various facets of the game.

Uriah Williams, out of Rocky Hill, is a dynamic guard known for his shifty moves and finesse when driving through the paint. His scoring versatility extends to all areas of the court, and he has a knack for getting hot and racking up points in a hurry. With a tight handle on the ball, Uriah poses a significant offensive threat and is a player to watch for exciting plays and clutch performances.

Seven Pridgen is a guard who is new to Governors Academy this year. He is vocal and versatile on the defensive end, also rebounding efficiently on both ends. His older brother Quentin is a freshman on the team at Clark, and his older brother Joe is a senior in his second year at Northeastern who averaged over 17 points during his freshman year at Holy Cross.

Tysen Teixeira, a 6'1" point guard from Bishop Stang, possesses a robust frame that serves him well on the court. His versatility as a three-level scorer, combined with his adept on-ball defensive skills, makes him a valuable asset. Tysen's ability to make sound decisions in transition, coupled with his consistent three-point shooting and mid-range pull-ups off the dribble,show how skilled and reliable he is on both ends of the floor.

Raul Cruz of Noble and Greenough is a confident handler, controlling the ball with composure and poise. He is also an excellent spot-up jump shooter, knocking down shots consistently. He is great at positioning himself correctly on the defensive end, often taking charges. 

Justin Urey starts his first high school season at Rocky Hill HS this year. He is a very quick and shifty guard who gets into the paint using his ability to create downhill momentum. He displays his agility, touch, and athleticism when finishing acrobatically around the basket. 

Jack Charchaflian begins his high school career at Winchester HS this season. He is a total swiss army knife player, and he uses his versatility as a weapon. He is a great off-the-ball player and always finds a way to score. He is a real competitor and makes all the right plays. 

Thomas Quinlan of Roxbury Latin can really get going from deep, and he has a great handle. He definitely has the genes for it, as his father was a star at Bentley. He is a great passer with both hands and a knockdown shooter off the catch. He especially plays well with the ball in his hands.

The following three players made the trip up from the New York City Metropolitan area for the event and stood out for their potential.

Talib Martin of St. Peter's and New Heights Lightning is known for his unwavering ability to finish plays with tenacity. He impressively maneuvers around defenders, displaying acrobatic finishes at the rim, thanks to his tight ball-handling skills and natural instincts.

Amir Dockery of Eagle Academy and New Heights Lightning is a top-tier playmaker with elite passing skills. He consistently delivers pinpoint assists to his teammates, creating scoring opportunities, while also possessing the ability to contribute as a scorer when needed.

Elijah King, a standout player for Eagle Academy and New Heights Lightning, is a highly versatile scorer who excels in three key areas. He impressively converts from beyond the arc, crashes the offensive glass, and displays finesse with floaters, all while confidently utilizing both hands around the basket.

Notre Dame West Haven’s Kadrian Reeves is one of the most skilled guards in the class of 2027. He is a pass-first type of player who can also get a bucket when he sees an opportunity. He clearly has a high basketball IQ in addition to his high-level playmaking ability.

Newman’s Jack Olinto is a 3-level scorer who plays with a comfortable feel for the game, showing natural composure and poise. He is another high-upside prospect in the class of 2027. Some suggest that Olinto might just be the next great guard out of Newman.

Tyshawn Menyfield of Kolbe Cathedral HS is an elite two-way player. He can guard 94 feet, and he can also guard bigs inside. He does whatever his team needs. He also shows the ability to slash and to knock down jumpers.

Christian Snowman of Smithfield HS is acrobatic around the rim finishing around defenders in the paint. A name of note out of the RIIL.

Andre Dasilva of Roxbury Latin is a cerebral point guard who distributes. Coming off of an injury that dragged on through two years, he is just getting back into the swing of things. He has grown a few inches in recent years.

Drew Carlson is the coach’s son at Weston HS, and he can shoot it from deep. He has a unique ability to get to the free throw line. He can also handle the ball well.  

Arlington HS’s Alexi Trapotsis is a swiss army knife player. He plays way bigger than he is, and he can pass the ball well. He is a truly versatile kid, and he doesn’t try to be anything he isn’t.

Will White of Boston Latin is a lefty who played up on varsity as an 8th grader. He is another player whose dad played D2, this time at Stonehill. He is also a great passer, and his IQ is off the charts. 

Dylan Coren of Concord Academy is a 5’10” high academic combo guard who can play in different modes. He sets up scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates with his ability to penetrate defenses, using his shifty dribbling ability. 

Jake Huber of New Fairfield HS is a very crafty guard who has a dangerous first step. He finishes very well in traffic. He has the ability to make his teammates better using his great court vision. 

Jayson Genova of Ridgefield HS is a knock-down shooter who can put the ball on the floor and use his handles, and he can create his own shot off the dribble well. 

Andrew Karaban of Algonquin HS is a really raw player with plenty of potential to develop. He is the younger brother of UConn star Alex Karaban, who averaged just under 10 points and 5 rebounds throughout the Huskies’ championship season last year, also shooting over 40% from behind the 3-point line.

Adam Malima is a 5’9” guard from Nobles. Despite his smaller size, he still finds ways to contribute, making the right passes and sticking shots. Additionally, his handles are really impressive. 

Mason Eighmy is a player to watch as he continues to develop and improve his game in the upcoming years.

Harley Milien of Cardinal Spellman is a guard who stands at 5’11”. He uses his wider build to his advantage, but he is still just as quick as others, using shifty moves to get into the lane and create offense for his team.

George Demeter of Brimmer & May is a crafty point guard who can finish through contact and score over bigger defenders inside. He is also pesky on defense, forcing turnovers and getting steals.

Michael Brugnoli is a smaller guard that knocked down a bunch of threes throughout the event and used a nice shot fake to create for himself in the mid-range. 

There were even some current eighth-graders at the Elite 75 Frosh/Soph events, including the following:

Ian Archbold of Poly Prep is a lengthy perimeter player who shows a lot of upside. He is able to finish through contact, using his strength to create space inside. He knows how to play to his opponents’ disadvantages. Worth tracking as he enters eighth grade.

Putnam Science Academy’s Amyas Hall-Chiari is tough and is one of the hardest workers out on the floor. He scores it from all over and has the looks to be a high upside guard for the Mustangs down the line.

Adriel Cantave of Fessenden is a quick and crafty guard with elite ball handling abilities for his age. He shows a great comfort level, maintaining composure as he maneuvers through the defense, using fakes and hesitations and is a knockdown shooter in the mid-range. Prep schools came away very impressed with the eighth graders showing on Friday & Sunday.

Jackson Perri of Roxbury Latin is a 5’9” guard in eighth grade this year. He has great playmaking and scoring abilities. He is a coach’s son (father head coach at Southern New Hampshire). He is also a great teammate and floor general.