Best of the 2026 Guards MA pt.1

Dylan Thayer | Friday, September 15th, 2023

Best of the 2026 Guards MA pt.1

The Frosh/Soph Elite 75 Showcase returned in style this past weekend as both the Massachusetts event in Hanover, and the Connecticut event in Hamden sold out. It was the first time that we ran this event since the pandemic hit in 2020, and things picked back up right where we left off. New England basketball is in good hands with the group of underclassmen we got a chance to see this weekend.

To continue our write-ups on the standouts we witnessed, let’s take a look at the best guards the class of 2026 has to offer from our Massachusetts event.

Warren Keel is a highly regarded prospect who has been making quite the name for himself. Recently, he has earned an offer from Rutgers and excelled on the 3SSB circuit with Mass Rivals 17U squad, which indicates his status as a top talent. Reclassifying at Bradford Christian after a successful 20-2 season at Lynn English, Keel brings a versatile scoring threat to a team that already has one of the best scorers in the country. He is proficient in converting off the dribble from all three levels, showcasing his ability to put defenders on skates in isolation situations. Additionally, Keel's skills extend to reading the floor effectively in pick-and-roll scenarios, creating scoring opportunities for both himself and his teammates. Moreover, he possesses strong leadership qualities, directing traffic on the court and creating space for his teammates to thrive. It is exciting to see where his talent takes him as he continues to work on his game.

Windston Legentus, a rising star for Brimmer and May, has garnered significant attention and built on his budding reputation since the conclusion of the previous prep season. His achievements include picking up multiple Division 1 offers, a testament to his talent and potential. As a scoring guard, Legentus exhibits craftiness with the ball, coupled with lightning-quick moves, making him a formidable offensive threat. He has displayed consistency from long-range, as he is a threat to score from three at any given moment. Notably, Legentus has proven himself in clutch moments, showcasing his composure and ability to execute under pressure. On the defensive end, his quickness and ability to move his feet effectively make him a disruptive force for opposing guards. His achievements and continued development indicate that he is a player to watch closely, and he has the potential to make significant strides in the upcoming years.

Cameron Hailey, a promising young point guard, has made a significant move to Worcester Academy after a standout summer performance on the EYBL circuit's 15U division with the City Rocks. His achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he already has an offer under his belt, indicating his talent and potential. One of Hailey's standout qualities is his ability to function as a floor general on the court. He possesses a great feel for the game, allowing him to make advanced reads in pick-and-roll situations. This ability to read the game and make smart decisions not only benefits his own performance but also elevates the play of his teammates. 

Ty Tabales, a talented guard who was a state champion at North High School in Worcester this year, has recently made the decision to reclassify at New Hampton. One of Tabales's standout skills is his lethal three-point shooting ability where he knocks it down in bunches. His proficiency from beyond the arc adds a dynamic dimension to his game. Defensively, Tabales is a pesky on-ball defender. He excels at closing passing lanes and creating turnovers, disrupting opposing offenses. Tabales brings championship experience, three-point shooting ability, and defensive skills to a New Hampton squad ready to make a run this season. 

Jaylen Hunter-Coleman is a floor general playing under the tutelage of his father, a former standout from Charlestown. Hunter-Coleman has a strong basketball IQ and understanding of the game, enhancing his ability to lead and communicate effectively with his teammates. In addition to his leadership qualities, Hunter-Coleman excels in finishing plays with both hands, showcasing his versatility as a scorer. He has impressive floor vision, as he has the ability to see the court, make smart decisions, and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Playing on Expressions in the 15U division of the EYBL, he demonstrated his scoring efficiency by shooting an impressive 50% in 12 games. 

Trokon Harris possesses the attributes and potential to become an elite player at his position. Harris's ball-handling ability is particularly notable; he has excellent control of the ball, using a combination of moves to create the scoring opportunities he desires. In addition to his ball-handling prowess, Harris exhibits acrobatic capabilities around the basket. His ability to finish plays in a variety of ways near the rim adds a dynamic scoring dimension to his game. He is also effective from around the perimeter, offering scoring versatility. 

Andre Langley, a versatile 6'4” combo guard, possesses a valuable combination of athleticism and skill. He moves well on the court and is effective in different roles. Langley's consistency from long range as a shooter adds an important dimension to his offensive repertoire, as he stretches the defense. Furthermore, his acrobatic finishing ability through traffic demonstrates his skill and composure in challenging situations. His capability to score in traffic and navigate through defenses enhances his value as a scorer. This strong skillset positions him as a player to watch closely as he continues to make strides.

Tim Civello, an underclassman at BC High, is a guard with an intriguing combination of attributes that make him a player to watch closely. Civello is described as twitchy, indicating his quickness and agility on the court. This quickness likely contributes to his ability to navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. It's also worth noting that Civello comes from a basketball family, with his older brother Dan committing to Colby.

Jayden Harrington, the son of former NBA player and recent Nets assistant Adam Harrington, is set to join the talented squad at New Hampton. Harrington's basketball lineage is evident in his game, as he brings a high level of athleticism and versatility to the offensive end of the court. He has a strong understanding of the game's nuances and his ability to make intelligent decisions on the court contribute to his effectiveness as a facilitator and playmaker. Harrington's shooting ability, particularly from beyond the three-point line, adds another dimension to his offensive game, and he is well-positioned to make an impact on his new team down the line. 

Lateef Afolabi is a player who exhibits a strong command of the ball, showcasing impressive ball-handling skills and a diverse repertoire of moves to navigate his way to the rim. His skill set is centered around his ability to attack the lane effectively and finish plays with authority. His capability to throw down dunks emphasizes his athleticism and scoring ability. These outstanding skills make him a player to watch closely as he continues to develop at Dexter Southfield. 

Owen Crowley is an athletic guard who excels at getting to his preferred scoring positions and finishing effectively. His versatility is demonstrated by his willingness to do whatever it takes to secure victories, making hustle plays and contributing as a solid rebounder despite his position. He is a hard-working and coachable player that is worth tracking. Catch Crowley playing for Bradford Christian in the NEPSAC this season.

Anthony DeJohn's development on the basketball court is marked by an improved and compact shooting stroke. DeJohn's ability to play within himself is a valuable quality, as it suggests he makes smart decisions and doesn't force plays. His solid shot fake is an additional tool in his offensive arsenal, allowing him to go by defenders on the perimeter and create scoring opportunities. His commitment to growth and improvement suggests that he has the potential to become a player to watch in the future. 

Adrian Shepard Jr, known as AJ, is a powerful and explosive athlete with a knack for finishing above the rim with ease. Although his appearance was unfortunately marred by injury, his potential and talent are apparent. His move to the 2026 class this year generates excitement, and he is a player to keep a close eye on as he continues to develop and showcase his skills.

Jeremiah Lenus is a talented guard with a natural feel for the game. His strong scoring ability, particularly his proficiency in converting pull-up three-pointers and mid-range opportunities, make him a threat on the court. Lenus played a crucial role in North Providence's championship victory in the DIII division, showcasing his ability to perform in high pressure situations. With his potential and skill set, he has the makings of a standout guard in the RIIL and is a player to watch closely as he taps into his potential.

Will Hoffmaster, a 6’ 2” guard from Concord Academy, is an all-around player who excels on both offense and defense. Hoffmaster's background as a former cross country star is evident in his impressive work ethic, as he runs hard and positions himself well for rebounds. One of his standout skills is his remarkable three-point shooting ability, consistently connecting from long range at a high percentage. He leaves a mark on the game with athleticism by elevating in transition.

Part two of the standout 2026 guards we saw in Massachusetts on Friday night will be available later today.