Best of the 2026 CT Guards pt.2

Monday, September 18th, 2023

Best of the 2026 CT Guards pt.2

As we continue to recap the 2026 guards from the Connecticut edition of Frosh/Soph, here's a look at part two of the standouts.

Kahil Bell's game is characterized by a lightning-quick burst off the dribble, driven by his relentless high motor play on the court. Bell also possesses a shifty ball-handling skill set that allows him to navigate through defenses with ease and make plays. He's not just a scorer; Bell showcases his versatility by getting up towards the rim and displaying mid-range scoring prowess. As a lead guard, his excellent vision and ability to distribute the ball have earned him a solid reputation, particularly while playing for Team Spartans in grassroots basketball.

Ezayi Mauristhene, hailing from Massachusetts and competing at South Kent, is a dynamic guard with a lightning-quick first step that allows him to navigate through traffic effortlessly. One of his standout attributes is his acrobatic finishing ability, which enables him to score creatively around larger defenders. Impressively, Mauristhene doesn't let his shorter stature become a hindrance on the court, demonstrating resilience and tenacity in his game. His skill set and fearless approach make him a compelling player to watch.

Mohamed Camara, representing Cheney Tech, is an exciting prospect known for his twitchy ball-handling skills and ability to create space on the court. He showcases an impressive repertoire of hesitations and dribble moves that enable him to maneuver effectively and find his scoring spots. Camara's scoring versatility extends to all three levels of the court. Moreover, he stands out as an adept on-ball defender, often utilizing his quick footwork to stymie opposing guards. Will form a nice backcourt with College Showcase standout Da’mnic Gittens at Cheney Tech this year.

Christian Martin, with a basketball pedigree that includes his father Frank Martin, who is the head coach at UMass, and his older brother Brandon, who played Division 1 basketball, is making a name for himself. Known for his shooting from beyond the arc and the ability to drive to the paint, Martin displays a versatile offensive game. What sets him apart is his high basketball IQ, which allows him to make intelligent reads and decisions on the court. After a standout season at Amherst, Martin is now continuing his basketball career at Wilbraham & Monson, where he is poised to make a significant impact.

Dylan Avant, out of St. Francis Prep in New York, showcased his skills at the Frosh/Soph event. Despite standing at 5'11", Avant's lengthy arms give him an advantage on the court, allowing him to score from various areas on the floor. Notably, he possesses an acrobatic finishing ability, making him adept at adjusting in mid-air to convert challenging shots around the basket. Avant's combination of length and scoring versatility makes him a player to watch as he continues to develop his game.

Nehemiah Young, a guard from South Kent hailing from Missouri, brings a sharpshooting presence to the court with his stepback prowess and long-range shooting abilities. His quick burst allows him to navigate through traffic and finish at the rim effectively. With a high basketball IQ and room for growth, he presents promising potential as a dynamic guard.

Naiem Gill from Platt High School in Connecticut, is a promising prospect to keep an eye on. Gill stands out with his strong feel for the game, particularly as a lead guard on the court. He possesses a quick first step that allows him to attack downhill effectively, putting pressure on the defense. Additionally, Gill's ability to read passes and anticipate plays enables him to make impactful steals and disrupt the opposing team's offense. 

Julius Washington, representing New London Multi-Magnet HS, showcases considerable potential as a two-guard. His game is characterized by impressive length and the ability to finish effectively around the basket using both hands. Additionally, he possesses a well-rounded offensive skill set, including mid-range pull-ups and three-point shooting, making him a versatile scoring threat. Defensively, Washington's ability to switch onto different opponents adds to his value on the court.

Paul Comba from Vermont made it down to Connecticut. He is an athletic guard who excels on both ends of the court. His versatility is evident as he can both score and facilitate with his good passing skills. Comba's athleticism enhances his ability to impact the game. Comba has the potential to become a standout performer out of the Green Mountain state.

Lukas Kiger, operating as a lead guard, demonstrated an excellent feel for the game during the event. His court awareness was evident as he effectively drew in defenders by penetrating the lane and then kicked the ball out to his teammates Additionally, Kiger displayed proficiency as a knockdown shooter and was successful in finishing drives to the basket.

Quincy Dormevil is an athletic scoring guard known for his ability to consistently make shots from various spots on the floor. He possesses impressive athleticism, particularly when finishing plays around the rim, showcasing his versatility as a scorer. Additionally, Dormevil's defensive skills extend to guarding positions 1 through 3, making him a well-rounded player with the potential to contribute on both ends of the court.

Michael Waters Jr., representing Xavier High School, stands out as a potent long-range shooter who can connect on shots both off the dribble and in catch-and-shoot situations. His ability to make pivotal plays and deliver scoring bursts is a valuable asset to his team.

Brandon White, a guard from Taft, excels in finding his scoring positions on the court and possesses the ability to knock down shots effectively. His game is characterized by a combination of high-energy plays and basketball IQ, contributing on both offense and defense.

Elijah Moore's high basketball IQ and strong character make him a valuable asset on the court. He is not only capable of scoring but also excels in creating opportunities for his teammates, contributing to the overall success of his team.

Jeremiah Medor, a dynamic guard from Cheshire Academy, showcases impressive athleticism and bounce, making him a formidable presence around the rim. With a knack for slashing through the lane, Medor presents an exciting upside that will undoubtedly make him a player to watch in the coming seasons.

Cooper Steele, hailing from the renowned program at Northwest Catholic, is a noteworthy guard with a promising set of offensive skills. His potential for success is something to keep an eye on as he continues to develop and make his mark on the court.

Elliot Hellman possesses an effective floater and is skilled at sinking long-range shots, allowing him to accumulate points in quick succession. He also utilizes hesitation moves to create opportunities and navigate to his preferred scoring positions on the court.

Alexander Echevarria, out of St. Mark's, excels in the guard position with a strong emphasis on his defensive skills. His athleticism enables him to make impactful plays on both ends of the court, contributing to his team's success.

Lucas Laungayan of Greenwich Country Day School had a good outing at the Elite 75. The guard displayed a comfortable feel on the court, tight handle and knocked down some shots from deep and in the paint.

Stay tuned as we begin recapping the best of the 2027's from the event.